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Simple Tea Bag Pantry Jar

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It's winter and there is nothing better then curling up with a soft blanket next to a roaring fire drinking a nice hot cup of tea. Living in the south, it doesn't get that cold that often but when it does, it's absolutely, unbearably cold and you have to be prepared. But, I don't just wait for the cold weather to hit before enjoying a steaming hot cup of my favorite Bigelow TeaBecause I am all about organization, I keep all my favorite flavors organized and stored in my pantry in a simple tea bag jar I created simply using a jar and decals. This way I have my choice of any flavor of tea ready on hand.  

I didn't always love drinking tea. It wasn't until a few years ago that hot tea came into my life. I was always an iced tea drinker. It was just something you did living in Texas. One winter night a few years ago by husband introduced me to the sweet deliciousness of hot tea and I was hooked!!! It took me a while to find the right tea and the right brand. Bigelow Tea did it for me and now I tea proudly! 

I enjoy trying new flavors and styles of hot tea. Bigelow Tea allows me to enjoy great flavors all year long. My favorite winter flavors are the Peppermint and Vanilla Chai. I recenly was able to taste Constant Comment and was blown away by the fantastic flavor. I think I found a new favorite.

Did you know that tea is second only to water as the most consumed beverage in the world. Plus, 82% of Americans drink tea. That’s more than 158 million people who count tea as a top beverage choice. Who knew?!?! Also, drinking tea is so much more then just a drink. It’s a warm and soothing drink that connects people that may not have had the opportinity to do so before.

Now, I need to figure out how to keep and store all my new favorite tea bags in one place. I am trying to keep everything organized and neat for the new year, hopefully I can keep that up throughout the entire year.

But, after shopping at Wal-Mart for my favorite teas, I searched the aisles for the perfect storage solution and I had a great idea.

I had a perfect spot in my pantry that was screaming for something and for some organization. It was perfect to store my tea. I didn't want it just sitting in boxes on the shelf. I wanted it to be store proudly and ready to go.

What you need:

  • Glass jar big enough to hold your tea bags
  • Decal or stickers with "tea" or "tea bags" (I cut mine from a die cut machine, but stickers and pre-purchased decals work perfectly)

How to make:

1. Clean glass jar completely with glass cleaner and let dry.
2. Apply decal to front of glass jar.

3. Fill jar with your favorite tea bags.

4. Place jar in pantry for easy access.

5. Enjoy a nice, hot cup of your favorite Bigelow tea.

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Easy Bathroom Mirror Wood Frame Update

I love being able to change up my house and make it the perfect home for my family. We moved in to our current home about 4 years ago. I haven't been able to change much in that 4 years, but that is changing! We started by removing the horrible carpet and replacing it with beautiful wood floors. Now, I have been busy updating little by little. Small things and big things. What ever I can get my hands on. Remodeling can get expensive, so if I can do it my self, I will and that I did with our master bathroom mirror. We had a plain, basic builder grade mirror in our bathroom and hated staring at it for the last few years. So, after creating our farmhouse chicken wire frame, I had a fantastic idea! I could create the same design only larger!!! And it worked! Beautifully. Plus, it's not permanent and can be removed if I change my mind later on. 

What you need:

  • 1x4 wood planks
  • Wood Stain
  • L brackets w/screws (I used 4in brackets, but get size needed on frame size)
  • heavy duty stapler
  • drill
  • command strips (needs to hold at least 10lbs) (I used the picture command strips)
  • wood glue
  • spray paint (I used black hammered Rustoleum)

How to make:

1. Measure and cut your wood to fit on top of current mirror. I measured my wood lengthwise first then the sides. I subtracted the width of the wood from the top and bottom so the sides would fit in between the top and bottom parts.

2. Sand and stain each piece and let dry. Be sure to paint the entire plank. All sides, top and bottom.

3. Spray paint the brackets and screws and let dry. I used Rustoluem in Hammered black for a more rustic/vintage feel.

4. Once all pieces are dry, flip over and place together in a square how it will hang on the mirror. Using the wood glue, glue edges together and reinforce with the heavy duty staples. Let set until dry.

5. Once dry and set, flip over and attach brackets on front side.

6. Once your frame is set and dry, prepare your mirror by cleaning and removing the clips. My mirror is glued on and clips were not needed, however, just in case I replaced my clips with 1x1/4 washers to hold them in place.

7. On the back side of the frame, place the command strips across the back around the frame and let set to hold. Peel the top paper from the strips and place on top of current mirror and push securely in to place.

There you have it! So simple to make and a huge difference! I used the command strips because I didn't want a permanent solution. I may want to change it up later one and this gives me that freedom. I'd love to see how you updated your mirror.


Simple Laundry Room Shelf Update

It's 2017 and it's the perfect time to get your home organized for the new year. We started getting our home ready by adding a simple shelf into our laundry room to keep clutter at bay. We tend to place items and store them on top of the washer and dryer to keep them out of the way of other areas. It bothered me for years and finally just had to do something about it. After building the shelves in our living room, I had some leftover wood and needed something simple, quick, and easy to do. This project took us just a few minutes and was up and ready to go in no time!!! 

What you need:

  • 1 to 2x4's (depeding on size of shelf needed)
  • 1 2x11 cut to size for shelf area. Our was cut to 66 and 1/2in.
  • 2in wood screws
  • anchors
  • screwdriver
  • sandpaper
  • wood stain and staining supplies
  • level

How to make:

1. Cut 2x4's to fit area needed to hang shelves. Be sure to cut sides edges shorter since will sit in front of longer back piece. Otherise will hang out over the shelf. We cut our side edges to 9in to not stick out over the 11in shelf.
2. Sand edges and stain all pieces including shelf top. Let dry.

3. Using a stud finder, or hope for the best, search for studs to hang shelf anchor pieces. 
4. We hung the long side first, screwing into place making sure it was level, then removing screws and wood to add anchors. Then re-attach wood using the wood screws. 
5. Attach the shorter sides using same technique as the back pieces. 

6. Once anchor pieces are in place, place the top shelf piece onto anchor wood. We had to use a rubber mallet to push into place.

7. Using the wood screws, screw top piece into the wood anchors along back and sides to secure in place.

That's it! Decorate your shelves and get your laundry room organized!! Now that I have this all complete and somewhat organized, it's time to get the rest of the laundry room finished up!


Do-It-Yourself Farmhouse Shelves

The farmhouse style is so popular right now and I am totally in love with it. I've been busy trying to update our home to suit this new style while staying on budget. One of our latest DIY projects was adding these simple farmhouse style shelves to our living room. We had a blank empty wall that was screaming for something to be added. A friend of mine recently built something similar in her home and I absolutely loved it! Her creation was a little complicated, so I opted for this simplier verison that is perfect for our home. 

It took only less then an hour to install and set up. The longest part was staining the wood which took over night to dry. My husband helped with the measuring and drilling but of course I supervised. I love how they came out and I am already planning to add these to other areas of our home. Check out below how you too can create these simple shelves as well. 

Now, please know that simple does not mean cheap. The piping can get a little pricing depending on the size and amount of shelves you are creating. We created only 2 shelves and cost us just over $50.00 for supplies to create this project. But, I love how it came out and I don't think I could have purchased something any better for any cheaper. 

What you need:

  • (4) 3/4" galvanized iron pipe 10" in length (plumbing department)
  • (4) 3/4" galvanized iron pipe cap
  • (4) 3/4" galvanized iron pipe floor flange
  • (2) 2" x 10" wood plank cut to size (I had the wood department cut mine pieces for me)
  • Black Hammered Spray Paint 
  • Wood Stain in desired color. (I used Americana)
  • Wall Anchors for floor flanges
  • Wood screws 8x2"
  • Level

How to Build:

1. To figure out shelf placement beforehand, I used a stud finder to ensure shelves were properly secrue into the wall and wont fall down after I decorate. I measured the area and screwed into wall studs with small pilot screws to know where to put the anchors. This also helps to ensure the shelf will be level.

2. I copied the same practice with the second shelf. Please note I did not secure the flanges or shelves to the wall. This was to locate the studs, anchor holes, and to ensure when we do secure it the shelves will be perfectly level and even on the wall.

3. I removed all pieces from the wall and spray painted them all, including the screws, with the black hammered paint. I love the hammered paint because it gives it that worn out look I am going for.

4. Place anchors into wall in locations measured in step 1 & 2. Once items are dry, screw floor flanges into the wall using screws. Then screw in the pipes tightly and screw the end caps onto the pipes. Repeat for all the brackets.

5. Sand and stain your wood shelves and let dry over night for best results

6. Place wood shelves onto the piping. Please note: if your shelf is not level and you used the level beforehand, adjust and rotate your pipes until the shelf is level.

7. Decorate your shelves and enjoy your amazing new shelves!

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