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Update your Fireplace Mantel and Space

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Now that the crazy holidays are finally behind us and our schedules are getting back on track, it's time to get the house in a somewhat organized order. That means it's declutter time! But, not only declutter time, but time to purge out the old and bring in the new. It is a whole new year after all, so what better way then to start fresh. I love it when my home is free of clutter and I like to make sure my decor is simple. It makes it easy to clean especially when in a rush or have last minute visitors.

But, sometimes updating and keeping things organized can be difficult. With a few tips and tricks and style ideas to fit your budget, getting your home organized can be a piece of cake. I started with updating our fireplace area. It's the focal point of the living room and without some proper and imagintaive styling, it can be a mess. I knew this was where I needed to start. Plus, once I got my fireplace just the way I wanted, I used the new Glade® Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Fragrance Mist in the No.2 Bright™ scent to help make my home smell fresh and clean.

Ready to take your boring fireplace mantle and space up a notch? Look no further for a few awesome tips and tricks to get you started on your new year’s organization resolutions and goals.

Add a Basket and a Blanket Ladder:
It's still winter here in my hometown. It's actually the coldest month of the year here and I had no place to put the firewood for the fireplace. Because, sometimes it gets downright freezing out and I need to keep my family warm. But, even if I am not lighting a fire, I need a place to store the wood for easy access. I grabbed this round basket that held a ton of cut wood that fit perfectly in front of the fireplace.

Since it's still super cold, I need to have throw blankets at the ready. At all times. I like to be comfy and so does my family. But, I had nowhere to keep them except on the couch and then they always ended up on the floor. So, I added a blanket ladder and technically it's not a blanket ladder at all. It's a potholder I snatched from my parents house they were no longer using. I stained it and threw some blankets on it and the rest is history. I love what it adds to my space. It fills the space since I do not have any defined sides to my actual fireplace.

Add Vintage Books:

Grab some old vintage books or even some bookends. They don't even need to actually be vintage, just something that has that vintage look and feel. I went back and forth as to what to add to my mantle. I knew I wanted something simple and give some depth to the space. But, also I didn't want it to be something I had to change out often with the seasons. I had some old vintage children's book in my garage, back from the 1950's. I simply turned the binding toward the back and added some bookends and it added that something extra special to my mantle. Plus, I can leave it out all year long.

Add Simple Decor Pieces:
When you are styling your fireplace mantel, you want to keep it simple. It's already a focal piece on its own so all your needing to do is accent it. So, I framed the ends with a glass vase with stems on one end and tall candlesticks with candles on the other. I wanted to add a bit of dimension and color to the mantle so I added in a basket and a couple of signs. That's it. Nothing else. Remember less is more. You're trying to declutter and make things simple.

Add a Throw Pillow:
Who doesn't love a great throw pillow? But, not just any throw pillow, you need a fun and interesting pillow. I was actually given this plaid puppy pillow as a gift and it is fabulous!!! I love it and could not be more perfect in the space. It fits like it was meant for my chair and is great for relaxing and enjoying a good book by the fire. It really adds that finishing touch you didn't know you needed.

Add the Perfect Scent:

Finally, now that you have re-vamped up your space and made it perfect!! Nothing enhances great decor and all that hard work more than a great scent to top off the room. To keep my home and my newly re-organized space smelling great, I rely on the No.2 Bright™ fragrance mist to help keep it smelling great!

I picked up both the No.2 Bright™ and No.1 Enraptured™ fragrance mist products at my local Walmart. The Glade® Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Fragrance Mists are infused with essential oils and masterfully crafted fragrances. I love the raspberry, pear, peach, and jasmine scents infused with sweet pea and rose of the No.2 Bright™ scent. It's the perfect scent for the inbetween season of winter and spring.

Now I know my home will look and smell great with the Glade® Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Fragrance Mist. So no matter what we have going on or who's coming over, my house will smell amazing!


5 Foolproof Strategies for Starting a New Fitness Routine


So, you’ve decided to make a change — and that change includes a new fitness plan. Maybe you’re incorporating tri-weekly outdoor runs into your routine, adding a strength training regimen at the gym, or trying out a new spin studio. Regardless of which workout you choose, one thing’s for sure: the hardest part about your new healthy habit is sticking to it.

It can be all too easy to hit the snooze button or come up with an excuse to ditch your workout, especially when you’re still in the process of getting used to a new routine. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can trick yourself into getting psyched about whatever physical activity you have planned.

Need a little help boosting your fitness motivation? These tried-and-true tactics should help you stay on track.

Ease into it
Attempting to go from zero to 60 in terms of your physical activity level is a recipe for failure — making an extreme change feels daunting, so you’re more likely to either skip the workout altogether or end up burned out too quickly. The fact is that something — however small — is always better than nothing when it comes to working out.
Increasing the distance of your run or the frequency of your weight lifting classes gradually every week, for example, won’t feel as overwhelming. When you’re setting fitness goals, be sure that they’re realistic, because if they’re not attainable, you won’t be able to identify progress as easily, and you may just give up.

Pencil it in
Does something always seem to come up that gets in the way of your workouts? Making them a priority is crucial, but can be difficult when you lead a busy life.

Treat your workouts like business meetings or doctor’s appointments. Physically writing (or typing) them into your calendar for each week makes it feel official, and that way, when someone asks you to do something when your sweat session is scheduled, you won’t be as tempted to bail.

Go shopping
There’s no doubt about it: Having stylish fitness apparel and a well-fitting sports bra can be a major motivator to work out. After all, if you’re psyched to don those colorful new kicks or patterned leggings, you’ll have an added incentive to get moving.

It’s also important to make sure that you buy the proper sports bra for the kind of physical activity you’re engaging in because you want to feel supported throughout your entire workout. For example, if you’re going on a long run, you’ll be glad to have a high impact sports bra for optimal bounce control, but if you’re hitting up a Pilates class, a medium-impact sports bra is perfect. Whichever style you choose, you definitely want to make sure you’ve done your research on sports bra sizing, since comfort is key to making your workouts enjoyable.

Commit in writing
When we make a commitment to watch our neighbor’s dog or lead a meeting at work, we feel a sense of obligation, so we don’t back out. When it comes to workouts, sometimes we don’t feel that same sense of accountability. Putting your commitment to work out in writing (and being super specific about it) can help change that.

The website StickK allows you to define your goal and sign a contract, which can do wonders for helping you to follow through on achieving it. You can set personalized parameters for your goal, track your progress through weekly reports, and even invite family and friends to monitor your hard work via email updates to cheer you on.

Make it convenient
Convenience is key when it comes to sticking to a workout plan. The easier it is for you to follow through, the fewer excuses you can come up with not to.

So if you’re a morning workout person, be sure to set your fitness apparel out the night before, including your sneakers, or if you’re planning to hit the gym after work, pack a bag that you can bring to the office (along with a healthy, energy-boosting snack, of course). If you know it’s going to be tough for you to get to group classes in a particular month, rent or buy some workout DVDs to try at home, so you aren’t tempted to give up on physical activity entirely.
Use the buddy system — or find your squad
Working out with a friend or even a group of like-minded strangers not only makes working out a little more fun, but it can also help to hold you accountable for sticking to your fitness plan. You’re far less likely to bail if you have someone counting on you, so try scheduling weekly workouts with a pal who has a similar schedule as you.

If you don’t have a friend who can commit to workouts at the same time, joining a group activity, whether it’s yoga, a Zumba class or a running group, can have the same effect. Not only will you likely feel more supported, but there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition — in fact, it’s a highly effective motivator. Even knowing you have a supportive friend, family member or significant other can be helpful, so be sure to keep them in the loop about your goals so they’re able to encourage you and hold you accountable.

Reward yourself
Surely, having a treat to look forward may inspire you to lace up those sneakers and hit the gym. These rewards can vary greatly, from small ones for short-term goals to larger ones for long-term goals.

For example, you might buy yourself a healthy smoothie from your favorite spot at the end of your Friday workouts, or you might treat yourself to a massage for every 16 workouts you complete. You might even opt for a ritual to look forward to during certain workouts — like listening to your favorite podcast or watching your favorite TV show when you’re on the treadmill.

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The Local Dish Around the Country

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North, South, East, or West, there is something for everyone. So grab the family and head out for some great dishes, big and small, with great choices for everyone will love. 


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Comfortable is the New Black


There’s no doubt that technology has changed our lives dramatically over the past few decades, and that goes for our wardrobes as well — because the truth is, comfort never goes out of style. Many brands are taking advantage of new innovations in textiles and other components, resulting in clothes, shoes and undergarments that have more unique capabilities than ever before. From sweat-wicking fabrics to memory foam footbeds, high-tech apparel and footwear are designed to make your life easier.

When your priority is practicality, you’ll definitely want to consider these kinds of pieces. The best part? You don’t have to compromise on style to achieve maximum comfort. Here are some of the most innovative styles on the shelves.

Real talk: Heels aren’t exactly the comfiest kind of shoe you can slip on. In fact, when you do sport them, you’re often counting down the hours till you can slip them off. Luckily, certain designers have made it their mission to make pumps that your feet are able to tolerate for longer periods of time.

MarionParke, a line created by a podiatric surgeon, features a bevy of stunning sandals, booties, mules and stilettos with heels that are surprisingly comfortable. The secret? A patent-padding insole with medical-grade foam that was previously only used for orthotics.

Most footwear brands incorporate a runner insole, and this foal alternative actually molds to flawlessly fit your foot over time. The shape of the insole is even sculpted to mimic the natural curvature of your arch, with ample support built into each and every style. Moreover, the insole is designed in such a way that your weight is distributed more evenly, as opposed to on the ball of the foot, as it is with most pumps.

A slightly cupped heel ensures the foot stays centered as well. From pointy ankle strap suede pumps with grommet detailing to patent block heel sandals, this line has a chic, comfy design for everyone.

Naturally, it’s imperative to also have sneakers that are comfortable. Since you’re putting a lot of impact on your foot when you exercise, a comfortable sneaker can not only improve your performance but also prevent an injury.

Adidas changed the game with its Boost technology, a revolutionary responsive cushioning system designed to give runners a long-lasting energy return. What differentiates Boost from other sneaker cushioning is mainly what it’s made of — Infinergy, a material made of expanded thermoplastic polyurethane. Adidas Boost running shoes were even given the Red Dot Award, one of the world’s most prestigious design recognitions.

For many reasons, it’s especially crucial to have a well-fitting, comfortablebra. After all, this undergarment lies directly against your body while also providing the base for all your favorite tops and dresses. Not only is the Glamorise Front-Close Comfort Bra made with super soft fabric and stretch construction, but it features self-adjusting cups that mold to your body for a perfect fit.

Whether you’re sporting this bra to leisurely run errands, lounge around the house or even to sleep in, it’s one you’re bound to forget you’re even wearing. Did we mention extra wide straps that keep your shoulders at ease all day long?

For women struggling with back discomfort or pain, a special posture bra with the right innovative features can offer significant relief. For example, a posture bra with a patented MagicLift design that crosses under and over your bust provides offers better lift, definition and support. Another incredibly comfy option is a postureback support bra with ComfortLift — even though the design is wire-free, it provides supreme support for both your back and bust.

Fitness apparel
When you’re working up a sweat, it’s obviously ideal to have apparel that can keep you cool and dry — and fortunately, the latest innovations in fitness clothing can do just that. Compression garments, which span everything from arm sleeves to tank tops, fit snugly, putting pressure on blood vessels to boost circulation, which then wards off muscle soreness. Moisture-wicking technology includes microfibers that lift perspiration away from the skin toward the surface of the fabric, where it then evaporates into the air.
Concerned about smelling fresh while you're getting fit? Anti-microbial tech hinders the growth of odor-causing bacteria in everything from your sports bras to your leggings and socks, thus helping them stay clean-smelling. On the other hand, if your top priority is breathability, you'll want to look for garments with innovative ventilation via mesh inserts or specialized stitching that maximizes airflow.
Under Armour is one renowned brand that has a wide range of technologies incorporated into its apparel. These features can be helpful for exercising in both coldand hot climates. ColdGear Infrared lining has a thermo-conductive coating to absorb and retain body heat, while the ColdGear reactor is an adaptive fabric that maintains the ideal level of warmth.

Under Armour’s charged wool has natural anti-microbial properties, and the UA Recharge strategically applies the perfect amount of compression against your muscles. The result? Less swelling and a much faster recovery.

During the summer, you’ll be grateful for Coolswitch technology, which boasts an exclusive coating on the inside of the fabric that pulls heat away from your skin. Heatgear, the company’s original innovation, is an ultra-breathable sweat-wicking fabric that regulates body temperature so you feel both cooler and drier while you work out.

Affiliate links are included in this post, which means if you make a purchase using one of the links, I will earn a small commission, however it will not cost you one penny. But it does help to keep my blog running. Thank you!

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