April 23, 2024

17 Positively Patriotic 4th of July Activities for Kids

{Jordan S. ~ Contributing Blogger} Independence Day is arriving soon, and many families are looking for the perfect patriotic activities to do with their kids. There are so many suggestions for fun activities, it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start. That’s why we put together a list of our 17 most favorite patriotic activities that we’re confident will be fun for your children and the whole family.
Patriotic Clothing and Accessories

1. Red, White, and Blue Headbands

Some of the best activities are done with recycled materials. That’s one reason we love these patriotic headbands. Not only are they easy to make for most age groups, but they are also a clever way to upcycle old shirts into fun and comfortable wearable headpieces. Just cut some old red, white, and blue shirts into strips and braid them together. For some extra pizzazz, bedazzle them with some precious gemstone beads.

2. Patriotic Necklaces

This patriotic necklace craft is cheap to make and easy to do. Just gather some thin yarn or string, red, white, and blue pony beads or plastic straws, and let the kids have fun. This is another project perfect for kids of any age, and it gives them a great patriotic item to wear on the 4th.

Sometimes we like to take our designs to the next level and do flag seed bead necklaces instead. All you need for these are some one-inch headpins, silver metallic braid wire, and a needle nose pliers. These necklaces are whimsical for parents and children alike.

3. Beaded Patriotic Bracelets
Bracelets are another great patriotic activity for kids. A very simple patterned bracelet activity uses only pipe cleaners and pony beads. What I like about these bracelets is that the pony beads can be swapped for candy beads. Just replace the pipe cleaner with string. When done with candy beads, even the boys will enjoy them.

Depending on your child’s motor skills, they might enjoy the challenge of a layered bead bracelet. These layered bracelets are a little trendier and can be done with gemstone beads to add timeless style.

4. Patriotic Beaded Fringe Shirts
Shirts are another great activity that allows you to recycle old clothes. Red, white, and blue tie-dye is a classic shirt recycling technique, but why not spruce those up a bit with some beaded fringe. Beaded fringe shirts are stylish and a terrific way to rejuvenate shirts your kids lost interest in. Just cut the bottom of a shirt into strips and slip red, white, and blue beads through the strips. Knot the end of the strip, and you’re done.

5. American Flag Bead Pin  
American Flag Safety Pins are something we love to make to give to friends and family. It’s easy and fun for kids of most ages. Depending on the age of your child, you might want to consider clipping the sharp tip of the pins before letting them play around with them. However, once you have them clipped, you only need some red, white, and blue seed beads and large safety pins for this project. Grandma will love wearing this pin, and they are a great accessory to wear from Flag Day all the way to the 4th of July.

6. American Flag Hairbow

An American flag hairbow is another fantastic activity for your child. All you need for this box is a small, decorative type American flag, a small hobby clip, and the general know-how about how to fold a bow.

Patriotic Table Decorations

7. Beaded Napkin Rings and Skewers

Napkin Rings and Skewers are another good activity to share with your kids. You can make patriotic napkin rings the same way you would make a stretch bead bracelet. Just find the appropriate color beads, some elastic string, and make the bracelet. Roll a napkin into a funnel and slip the bracelet around it. 

Patriotic skewer sticks can also be made using the same beads. Just find some bamboo skewers and glue red, white, and blue beads to the top of each. Let the glue dry and use for drink mixers or kebab sticks.

8. Twine Wrapped Mason Jars

These twine wrapped mason jars are another way to make something fun with recycled materials, and they make a great table decoration for the 4th of July. Just gather a glue gun, some old spaghetti jars, twine, some seed beads, and beading wire and get to work. Add some flags or button flowers inside the mason jars for a little extra flair.

9. American Flag Coasters
Perler beads are always fun for kids. Adults love them, too, because they are not messy to play with and are easy to clean up after. So, why not make some American Flag perler beads and let the company use them for coasters. It’s a terrific way to keep the kids happy, and they will save your furniture from water rings.

There is also a way to make American Flag Coasters using a plastic canvas and yarn if you are so inclined.

10. Patriotic Tree Centerpiece
A wire tree is a fun activity for you and the kids, and it makes an elegant centerpiece for the dinner table. Just string the wires around a rock for your kids, and let them decorate the branches with red, white, and blue beads. Hang some beads from strings to give it a weeping willow look. This is a cool decoration for almost any occasion. Use some precious gemstone beads on this wire tree and keep it in your living room all year long.

Miscellaneous Activities

11. American Flag Bead Magnet
This is another fun activity for all those pony beads, and it gives parents a keepsake to hang on the fridge. To make the American flag bead magnet, just gather some popsicle sticks, glue, and magnets then string up some red, white, and blue beads to resemble an American flag. Attach the magnet to the back of the popsicle stick and proudly display on the refrigerator.

12. American Flag Keychain
Making an American Flag Keychain is a fun activity and makes a great gift for someone your child loves. It’s also another wonderful use for the red, white, and blue pony beads you already have lying around.

Alternatively, you can just make a simple bead American flag peyote stitch without the keychain accessory.

13. Patriotic Map of the United States
Since part of the purpose of Independence Day is to celebrate the our Nation it’s also a great time to educate people about the United States, why not make a cork board map as an interactive learning tool. This cork board map of the United States can be easily printed online, is fun to assemble, and provides your kids with an opportunity to learn about each state.

14. Patriotic Picture Frame
This red, white, and blue straw picture frame is another great activity for your kids to give away as a gift or to use to frame someone you love. Also, it’s another activity to do with the materials you already have: patriotic straws, hot glue, and twine.

Patriotic Treats

15. Patriotic Popsicles
By the 4th of July most areas are getting more warm weather. The best thing to keep kids cool in warm weather is popsicles. Therefore, why not involve the kids in making some patriotic popsicles this year with layers of red, white, and blue sports beverage?

16. Graham Cracker American Flags
Another fun and delicious snack for Independence Day is Graham Cracker American Flags. These graham cracker flags are easy to make, and the whole family will love them. Just lightly frost a graham cracker with white frosting, and cover the surface appropriately with blue and red M&Ms. Alternatively, you could substitute the M&Ms for candy beads if you have some left from another project.

17. Patriotic Dipped Pretzels
Patriotic dipped pretzels are a favorite in our family, and they are a healthier alternative than the sugary popsicles and frosted graham cracker treats when substituting the candy melts for colored white chocolate.


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