June 6, 2011

Safari Adventure Birthday Party

Last July for my son's 3rd birthday, we planned a Sunrise Safari Party. We live in Texas and the biggest threat to a summer party is the heat. Could get up too 105. But, the one thing we didn't consider was rain. It hardly rains in July and just not something we planned for. So after months of planning and setting up, our party was rained out. But, we moved to plan B and moved it inside. Wasn't quite the same. But, still a great turnout.

The invitations were perfect. A Safari Guide with party details accompanied a personalized passport for each child. A safari adventure tour with life size animal standees throughout the backyard. Plus, smaller inflatable animals throughout the yard. A camp house tent with lanterns hanging from the ceiling set up above the long tables for the breakfast buffet.A perfect size childrens table was decorated with adventure lanterns and animal feed (animal crackers). Guests were given a safari pack for their adventure that included a safari hat, compass, binoculars, note pad, pencil, whistle, and stickers.


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