August 9, 2011

Our bathroom makeover!

After seeing the fabulous DIY Bathroom makeover from The House of Smiths, my husband and I just had to try this in our boys bathroom. We studied and read the post over and over again just to make sure we knew what we were doing. After having crown molding installed in our house, we had a lot of the items already on hand. What we didn't we purchased at Home Depot. The whole project cost us $27.00. Here is our journey.

Here is our bathroom before.

We set out the molding to paint. Had to find the little bit of shade we had to keep us out of the 105 degree sun.

Had my hubby do the cutting and help with the painting.

We set it against the wall to find the perfect place and make sure it was level.

Placed the knobs in it's place and attached from behind.

 Used panel nails to attach to the wall and attached and caulked the top and bottom wall seam.

Let the painting fun begin!

While the paint dries we cut the frame that will be attached the wall.

We then drew lines on the wall as to where the framing will go.

Frame attached with liquid nails and taped for extra support.

Please stay tuned for the finished result!!!

To check out our inspiration, please check out the House of Smith at Bathroom Makeover


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