September 3, 2011

Days Five and Six of our Home Makeover

What a crazy few days. The designers are still purchasing items and have added a new front door and new coffee tables and end tables to the rest of the list. The list currently includes:

Living room:
Hard wood floors, new paint on all walls, new front door, new coffee table and end tables.
Dining room/Kitchen:
Hard wood floors, new paint on all walls, chandelier.

So far that is all they have disclosed. All the materials will be delivered Saturday around 2pm.
Then starting next week, everything will start being installed. All rooms must be done by September 19. Judging will begin on September 26 along with media interviews and news segments. YIKES! Going to be on TV! So exciting yet so scary. This is one crazy experience that I am so glad to be a part of!


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