June 20, 2012

We Did It! We Finally Moved!

We finally did it! We moved. After trying so long to sell our own home and longing for a new start, we finally get it! It has been a rough move. My little boys are troopers and hung in there for the long haul and have adjusted quite nicely to the move. They love our house and said they never want to leave. We have been working tirelessly around the clock to get everything unpacked and organized. I am so ready to get things back to normal. If I can even remember what normal is! Here is our new house!
The best part is the school is just down the street and we also have a pool and splash park in the community! I am so excited. We do finally have our TV, internet, and phone up working and can now get on the computer!!! YIPPEE!!! I am hoping to re open my shop here soon! Can't wait! But, still have a lot to do to get ready before we open! Thanks again!


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