February 16, 2013

Super Hero Training Academy Birthday Party

We celebrated Blake's 4th birthday over the weekend. I have been posting lots of sneak peaks, but here is the whole party! It took over 6 months to prepare for this big event. I searched everywhere for ideas and themes, colors, etc for his party. Every super hero party came back almost identical. All the details were basically the same. So, after thinking about it for awhile, I decided upon a training academy. Come to train to become a super hero. The kids would complete certain tasks and at the end of training, they would become certified super heroes! It was perfect!

After months of not finding the exact decor I was looking for within our theme, I decided to make all my own decor and activities for the kids along with the help of my very active imagination and Pinterest. Here is the big event!

For the training academy, guest were welcomed with a personalized training shirt and training lanyard. As we waited for all the trainees to arrive, we munched on veggies, fruits, and mini sandwiches. Once everyone arrived and was suited up, the girls headed for training. They leaped taller then the highest tower and scaled tall buildings. Battled evil villains and even learned how to fly. At the completion of each station they were given a sticker to place over the appropriate square on their lanyard. At the final station, the disguise station, the trainees worked their magic on disguising their own cupcakes. Then they put all their hard work to the test when they had to battle Doc Nacho, who was threatening to ruin Blake's birthday party. 

Once they completed their training, each super hero received a cape, super hero ID card, and a super hero tote bag filled with a shield, a super hero weapon, and super hero cookies. 

A special thanks to everyone who helped make this party so special!!!

Sprinkle Cake/Cupcakes/Cookies - Kimberly and Loren's Sweet Treats
Capes - Six Flags over Texas
Welcome sign/giant shield/Personalized Shirts - Creative Designs by Toni
Party Styling/lanyards/Station Signs/Invitations/Bottle capes/villain masks - Creative Designs by Toni
Super hero bags - Oriental trading
Vintage Iron Man Sign - Ross
Oversize photo - Costco


  1. Wonderful party! Full of great original ideas. Really love it!