August 26, 2013

Our First Day of Pre-K Homeschool

Monday, August 26, was our first day back to school. I have a first grader and pre kindergartner. How fast time flies. Because it does fly, we decided to home school our 4 year old for pre-k this year. I spent all summer reading up on what we needed to do, what he needed to know, and how we needed to do it. Plus, just having another one graduate from Kinder, I had all his work from all year long I could reference to what he needs to know for when he starts school next fall. With that in mind, I also had many, many talks with my teacher friends on their advice, help, suggestions, etc. that way we are prepared and that we wont regret not sending him to an actual school.

Braden started preschool at 3 and pre-k at 4 before he started kinder. Blake went when he was 3 as well for the full year and we removed him during his 2nd year after the first semester. He was extremely unhappy, became really aggressive, and  was not enjoying himself one bit. Plus, there was some bullies in the class and it was not handled properly so we left. So, that is another reason we decided to home school this year.

Because it is only pre-k, the only thing he will be missing out on is the social interaction and structure of a schedule at school. So, we are planning some "play" time and meet ups with others in the neighborhood. That way, he will not miss out on meeting new friends.

Our first day was a success. He was so excited and was ready to get going! We started with a simple back to school theme and incorporated Apples. He wrote his name, colored, drew pictures, worked on worksheets, painted, read books, and even started an alphabet book. I know he will be thrilled for day 2, we are making an apple pie!


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