November 1, 2013

Lord of the Rings Inspired Birthday Party

We were asked to help celebrate a lucky little boy's 8th birthday on Saturday October 26. The party was held at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas, TX. The theme, Lord of the Rings.
Once i heard the the theme, I was super excited. LOTR is one of my favorite trilogies and I just love the franchise! So, when his mom, Aimee, who happens to my very best friend and creative assistant here at Creative Designs by Toni, asked me to help, it was a very loud squeal and an excited YES!!! We got right to work creating a custom fabric banner, food tent cards, signs, and more for the celebration in Middle Earth. 


The custom Hobbit House cake was created by Kimberly and Loren's Sweet Treats and was the centerpiece of the middle earth inspired table. 

We custom made the fabric canvas banner using craft moss, canvas flags, and paper leaves. Using a specialty vinyl for the name.

Twigs, wood tree rounds, metal and wood baskets were used for the themed food and snacks. Books from the series served as decor pieces as well as hand decorated jars, LED candles, and painted wine bottles.

Food table included mini pigs in a blanket, grapes, Lembas "bread" cookies, elf cookies, funyuns, and candy.

Guests munched on popcorn and candy while they were treated to a special showing of a Lego themed Lord of the Rings movie.

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Vendors and Credits:
Venue - Angelika Film Center and Cafe
Cake - Kimberly and Loren's Sweet Treats
Banner, thank you tags, favor boxes, T-shirt design, invitation, food cards, wood forks, entry sign - Creative Designs by Toni
Light Sabre glow sticks - Dollar tree


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