February 5, 2014

Our Top Secret Showing of the LEGO Movie

On January 25th and 26th, the USA Film Festival presented the 30th annual KidFilm Festival, the oldest and largest children’s film festival in the United States. In honor of the 30th year, USA Film Festival is presenting all KidFilm’s programs for FREE to the community. 
Everything from films and books to authors and directors, were on hand during this two day weekend event.
“Hi Fly Guy”, one of my son’s favorite books series, premiered as a brand new animated short film alongside Creepy Carrots. Plus, many other movies made their big screen debut as well as some classics like the 1979 classic The Muppet Movie. 
All the events are FREE to the public for the duration of the event with the exception of the top secret showing of the much anticipated Lego Movie, that will be released in theaters on February 7. While it is technically free, tickets were extremely limited, only about 70 public tickets were available for this event. With the other 200 tickets going to USA film members and local media personnel. Tickets were made available 1 hour prior to the showing and were sold out within minutes. 

I am lucky to have a connection to this event, my hubby. :) YAY! for us! So, that means we have VIP access to this sold out, must see event! Yes, that’s right, VIP, front of the line, reserved seating access to see The LEGO Movie weeks before it even hits theaters. We could not be happier and the boys were thrilled! 

Once we arrived were were handed a pack of goodies from some of the sponsors including a program about the event, Lego Movie activity book, Dallas Child Magazine, Thrive magazine, Poster, and more. We had to arrive a tad early for the 2:30pm start time, but, no worries, we had reserved seating so our seats were saved for us. Once we arrived, and made it through security, yes security. It was so top secret we had to hand off our phones, iPads, iPods, tablets, cameras, anything that had a camera attached. Then we took our seats, grabbed some popcorn and drinks, we waited for the show to start. 
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 Right before the show started, a lady grabbed a mic and began to explain to us just how top secret this screening actually was. We were not allow to film or take pictures (obviously). Plus, the movie did not release anywhere for another 2 weeks. My husband has been able to attend these press type screenings before and usually they tell him that he is not allowed to even offer an opinion, review, or interview about the show until a certain date. We didn’t have that restriction for this movie, thankfully.
The movie was great! The boys LOVED it and were laughing and singing along. Some of the little cliches and jokes where a little over their heads, they were not alive in the 80s so the whole 80s bit was just lost on them. As was the big twist in the movie. I wont say because it will give everything away. But, that plot was just a little too advanced for my 4 year old and my 6 year old. My friends 8 year old who attended with us, barely understood the point they were trying to make. However, the entire movie as a whole was perfect for all ages. Just beware, your kids will be singing the “Everything is Awesome” song for a long time! Its been a week now and they still go around singing it. 
For more information about the USA Film Festival and other sponsors, check below.
Toni :) 


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