March 16, 2014

Showing our Disney Side @ Home Celebration

We were selected, among several other lucky bloggers, to host a Show your Disney Side @ Home Celebration. We were so excited when our party pack arrived. We posted all the exciting details about our party box HERE a few months back. Along with Disney, American Tourister, HP, and Ocean Spray were among the other amazing sponsors of this party. So, of course we had to go all out and make them proud.

After weeks of planning and ideas swirling through my head, I knew exactly what we were going to do. A fun Disney Themed Movie night for my boys and his friends. It would be great. Well, in my head it was perfect. But, in reality, not so much. My oldest son came down with Strep throat the day of the big party. So, party canceled. All that planning out the window. But, no fear, we always have next weekend.

Weekend arrived and we were ready for party take 2. Well, surprise! Youngest son is now sick with Strep as well. NO!! So, not wanting to disappoint the boys, I decided to go ahead and have a smaller scale less over the top type of party. Just a few snacks and drinks and their favorite movie.

I plopped in Monsters University and got the party started. I gathered some of their "stuffed" friends, hung some decorations and enjoyed a fun night with my little guys.

A huge thanks to Disney, American Tourister, HP, Ocean Spray and everyone for all the support, information, and the opportunity to Show our Disney Side @ Home.

For more information to show your Disney Side, check out more info HERE.


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