May 26, 2014

Summertime Sweet Tea Stand

Anyone can have a Lemonade Stand. This year why not have a Summertime Sweet Tea Stand! We live in north Texas and it gets hot here. Very hot! Lemonade is great, but sweet tea is even better on a hot summer day.

We paired our favorite drink with juicy watermelon, home baked apple crisps, and even a bit of lemonade to have the perfect summertime treat. Join us for a bit of Southern Hospitality and cool off in the summer sun with some sweet tea and our favorite treats for summertime.

Chalkboard pennant banners with FREE and SWEET TEA welcomed guests to our stand. Vintage books, suitcases, and crates were made useful as stands to hold the fresh fruit and jars. An old pallet was repurposed into a stand.

Glass bottles and old suitcases were used as decorations to bring in more of a vintage feel to the stand.

We created the printables used in our sweet tea stand. We love the gray with pops of bright colors in our custom made invitations, cupcake and food toppers, signs, straw tags, and more.


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