July 21, 2014

Family Movie Night with Pop Secret and Rio 2

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We love movies! Every kind, every type. Growing up, movies have always been a big part of my life and it has been passed down to my kids. It doesn't help that my husband works in the entertainment industry and works closely with movie studios, marketing firms, and even film festivals. 

Movies are such a huge part of our families lives and with all our busy schedules, we love to get together for a family movie night when ever possible. It is something my boys look forward to and are always asking to have one. It's the one time that we can all sit together and relax and just be there for one another. Whether snuggling up on the couch or going for a an all out blanket fest with pillows, blankets, and the whole stuffed animal gang, each and every movie night spent together has always been fun and memorable.

So, when we decide to have a family movie night, we always rely on PopSecret Popcorn to help make the night extra special. The boys know the sound and smell of the popcorn popping in the microwave and always come running in excitement!

With our unexpected weather change here, rainy and cool, very cool temps, 70 in July in Dallas is virtually unheard of, it was the perfect time for a family movie night. After running up to our local Wal-Mart to get our very on copy of Rio 2, we gathered some favorite stuffed, furry friends and since Rio 2 was just released on DVD, this exact same day, we knew it had to fate. We made our favorite movie night snack, Pop Secret Popcorn, to go along with our new favorite movie, Rio 2, grabbed some drinks, and let the fun begin.

Rio 2 continues to follow the adventures of Blu the Blue Macaw and his friends from Brazil. They travel to the Amazon rain forest for a fun, yet wild, adventure. Rio 2 is a funny, family friendly movie adventure that is sure to please all ages. 

If you love PopSecret as much as we do, you will love this even more... Click HERE to get your $1.00 off  any PopSecret Popcorn (While Supplies Last). Also, be sure to check out this fun site with more information about Rio 2 including information about how to throw your own awesome party.

We would love know how you spend Family Movie Night??? 

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  1. That looks like such a cute movie and we look forward to seeing it!

  2. This movie was so cute, we loved it and we have to have popcorn when we watch a movie. Pop Secret is our favorite.

  3. Great idea, will try on ours next family night.

  4. So fun - it looks like you had a great time!

  5. Love the different ways people are sharing their family nights.

  6. My kids just loved this movie--just got it for them and they've already watched it 4 times!!

  7. So cute! We haven't seen this yet, but now I know we need to! Adorable party!

  8. We too had a Rio 2 Movie Night in our house. My kids and I are huge RIO fans!