March 15, 2015

Playroom Makeover on a Budget

Now that the boys are getting a little older, I wanted to change up their playroom to something that suits them a little more. I wanted something fun and colorful but also something that can grow with them. I also had to do this on a budget! A strict budget!!! So, here is how I turned their bland boring playroom into a colorful fun and inviting space for under $120.00. 

The wall space before was completely blank and empty. So, I had to start from scratch. I wanted them to be apart of the space so I decided hang up some of their canvas art paintings from various art classes throughout the years. I also sifted through piles of paper from school to find a few of the best paintings from both boys. Using wood frames I already had on hand, I painted them with a fresh new coat of paint and framed each masterpiece. 

I found the awesome blue wood USA sign from Hobby Lobby. It was on sale for 50% off. I was able to snag it at a steal for only $20.00. I created the two subway style artwork signs hanging up myself using old cabinet doors, spray paint, and vinyl. All items I had on hand as well. 

I found these video game guitars at a yard sale for $3.00 a piece. I got a total of 3 and using these guitar clips from amazon, at $7.00 for all 3, I used them as decorations for the room. The custom striped pillows were made by a sweet friend of mine for a party we had a few summers ago. They went perfectly in the room. 

The biggest splurge for the room were for these cubby shelves. Luckily they were on sale at Target, but at $25.00 for the 6 cube and $30 for 8 cube, they were a stretch, Keeping on my budget I found the blue and chevron bins at the dollar tree. Plus, I picked up two wire baskets at Target on clearance for $12.00 for the set. I know we got very lucky to find them as I went back for more and they were back at regular price.

After seeing a fabulous idea on pinterest to use flower baskets as a toy bin, I knew I had to incorporate this in our room as well. I picked up a wire flower basket for $11.00 at Lowes. I did have to remove the mossy planter insert, but well worth it.

I hung up the canvas paintings I created in a previous post. I made these using 8 x 10 blank canvases from Hobby Lobby, paint, and vinyl decals. 

To create our B letter wall, I used B's from previous birthday parties as well as picked up a few random B's over the years and paired them with more framed artwork and a paper banner. 

I love how the room has turned out and the boys love seeing their works of art on the wall. 


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