December 14, 2020

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

Each year, as part of our Countdown to Christmas Activities, the boys always look forward to when they can go on our annual Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt. It's always so much fun and filled with holiday spirit. We bundle up in our PJs and grab some warm blankets and a big glass of hot coco and load into the car with our scavenger hunt sheets, flashlight, and marker ready to begin our adventure. We crank up the Christmas music and roll down the windows, makes it easier for the kids to see, and head out into the neighborhood for our Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt.

Anyone can just drive around the neighborhood and look at Christmas lights and usually after about 5 minutes, the boys are no longer interested. So, to keep them busy and having fun, we made a game out of it. This year is our third year doing our Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt and because it's always lots of fun, we do it more then once. Well, more then twice too. It's lots of fun!

Our neighborhood is perfect to look at lights because everyone goes all out which makes our hunt better. Before my youngest could read, we used pictures and words for my oldest. We would just randomly select 5 Christmas characters we thought we would see on our hunt. Reindeer, snowmen, Santa, things like that. But, always included a bonus. One odd character that we knew would be hard to find, but know that it's there because I always drive the neighborhood before hand, just on my out one day, and search for the out of place decorations. One year it was an Angry Bird and another was Spongebob.

Everyone asks about our scavenger hunt and this year I created a fun, easy, Scavenger Hunt printable that we can share with everyone!

Don't forget to download our Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt printable HERE or see below.

What's your favorite holiday game to play with your kids?


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