December 15, 2020

Christmas Light Bingo Free Printable

Every year at Christmas time we put our pajamas and slippers on, grab some hot cocoa and cookies, and load up into the car to look at Christmas lights in our neighborhood. With the Christmas music playing, we drive up and down each street in awe of the twinkling lights and holiday characters all decked out in each of the yards. It's something we look forward to each and every year, and have started making it a family tradition. 

Now that the boys are getting older, we decided to make a little game out of it. We started with our Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt and that was a huge hit! So, this year I put together this Christmas Light Bingo Game. It was so much fun!!!

How to Play:

Simply grab one of our Free Printables and print it out.
Using stickers, bingo daubers, markers, crayons, etc,
Drive around looking at the Christmas lights. If you come across an icon on your card, mark it off.
First one to Bingo wins!! 

There are 4 different playing cards containing different Christmas icons.

Download your own FREE Christmas Light Printable HERE.


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