November 18, 2015

Super Hero Themed Baby Shower

As a mom of two boys, superheroes are part of our everyday routine. We fight bad guys and soar to new heights with our matching capes. It's perfect and wouldn't have it any other way. When I found out a friend of mine was expecting her third baby boy, I knew I just had to help in any way I can. Especially since the theme was going to be Baby Superheroes! Awesome!! I had tons of ideas and was so blessed to be able to make their shower one to remember.

The shower was a surprise for the mom-to-be. She knew there is a shower, but no idea the theme or any of the details. She was planning the nursery in the baby superheroes, so we wanted to make sure the shower revolved around that and included decor items she can incorporate into the nursery. 

We chose the colors red, yellow, and blue and added some greens in as well. We tied balloons to the custom printed superhero art work we placed into frames as centerpieces to add color and to fill up the space in the large room.

I created a large wooden K, covered in comic book pages, that will be displayed in the nursery after the baby is born. For the shower is was on display as guests entered the room.

Refreshments were placed on the bar for easy access. Hero H2O, Thor's Lightening Lemonade, and Super Sweet Tea were coordinated with custom labels we found on ETSY,

I was in charge of the dessert table and was the focal point of the party space. Complete with a custom made banner we made with the baby's name, perfect to use in the nursery after the party, and coordinating cupcake toppers for the mini bundt cakes we found from ETSY. The mini bundts and large bundt cake was so delicious and from Nothing Bundt Cake.

I had to taste test those red velvet mini bundt cakes. They were delish!!!

Sandwiches with all the toppings you could ask for and chips were served buffet style for all the guests to enjoy. Salad with homemade ranch completed the food station.

The party was a huge hit and the mom-to-be was surprised. What a great shower! I know she loved every bit of it and I am so happy to have been able to be a part of it.


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