March 16, 2016

DIY Laundry Room Wall Decor

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I absolutely love being a mom of two boys. It's always an adventure and I am always learning something new. Growing up I knew nothing about boys and the world they live in. I was a pink loving, princess dreaming, doll playing, girly girl and wanted nothing to do the icky, yucky boys. Even as I got older I was stuck in the world of girls. I would never have thought that I would be the stuck smack dab in the middle of boy world. I was swallowed whole by two wonderful little guys and it's the best thing ever!!! 

Life is always an adventure in our home. Our days typically consisted of sword fights, fighting the bad guys, saving the day, or even a wrestling match. There is never a dull moment around here. Even though they are getting bigger and our adventures are a little more "grown up" now, the fun is always the same. 

Our life gets messy. Very messy. But, I wouldn't have it any other way. I mean, how can I say no to "Mud Bowl"? I mean I am the queen of boy land after all. So, if they want to roll around in the mud, it's up to me to make the best mud pit around. I know what your thinking? Boys, mud, clothes, laundry? 

Yes, we have lots and lots of laundry. But, that's where Sam's Club comes in. I LOVE that I can pick up what I need to keep my messy boys, and their clothes, nice and clean. And believe me, we need a lot to keep up with our ever growing laundry pile. At Sam's Club I prefer Member's Mark® Ultimate Clean laundry detergent to help give our clothes a one of a kind cleaning, or scrub down, at a price that doesn't break the bank. Which allows me to spend more money on all the adventures we are about to embark on. 

Boys will be boys and those boys leave a trail of clothes behind them as soon as the get home from school?? Is it just mine? But, the shoes and socks and sometimes even clothes, end up on the floor. I have tried and tried to eliminate this issue but, I have come to the realization that our boy world is just going to be mess. However, I didn't let that stop me from trying. 

Our laundry room is a big pool of blah! It's a combination of a pantry and laundry room in one. There is no storage, no decoration, and completely a blank slate. What it needs is that girly touch!! I needed something for the walls and something to store our laundry supplies plus, something to hold their socks that wind up all over the house and never make it in the laundry basket.

I added two brown striped fabric baskets to hold our laundry supplies and to keep them at arms reach. A few weeks ago, I found these two adorable laundry themed signs with, of course, puppies that were perfect to add to the small blank wall above our washer and dryer.

For the big blank wall, I searched and search for something easy I could do to spruce up this boring wall. I saw something online that I thought would be perfect for our laundry room wall. But, wasn't sure how to actually do it. So, I went to several different stores and found this array of wooden and craft letters to spell out the word LAUNDRY. 

Using several different shades of spray paint I had on hand, I painted each letter differently. I wanted it to stand out and be a little different, but not too girly. We live in a boy world after all. 

Once I painted each letter, I set them out to dry overnight. A few hours outside would probably been enough but I wanted to make sure they were good to go. 

Once my letters were dry, I attached a few command picture hanging strips to each one and firmly placed them on to the way. I used the strips that could hold a good amount of weight. None of the letters were heavy by any means, but I did not want them falling off. I had measured and laid out my design and how I wanted them to go before placing them on the wall. They are hard to remove once they were attached. I used the velcro strips so I could potentially remove them if I needed to or if I wanted to change the colors out later on.

I knew I had wanted something to put in the laundry room so they can put all their socks in after school. Something better then them lying on the floor or all over the house. When I saw this basket at a local craft shop, I grabbed it and knew it would be perfect!!! I enlisted my hubby to help me drill holes and place anchors and screws into the wall for added support. I didn't want it falling down when they tried to perfect their dunking skills on it. 

I attached a mini chalkboard sign and wrote "LOST SOCKS". Even though the socks are not technically lost, they should really be in their hampers and not in laying on the floor, so they are a tad lost. Besides, I am tired of doing laundry and finding socks with no mates. Now, their socks will sit on one place awaiting for me to wash them with Member’s Mark Ultimate Clean laundry detergent

Who would have thought such a small update would make such a big difference. I love it and how it gives my plain boring walls a pop of color and hopefully a place to keep their socks, for now anyway.

Are you a mom of messy boys? How do you keep them and their clothes clean? 


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