August 23, 2016

DIY Backyard Football Practice Goal Post

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My youngest son loves sports! He likes all kinds and has played basketball for the past 2 years and loves everything about it! This year he wanted to venture out and try football. So, of course after we gave it a lot of thought and discussion, we signed him up for flag football in one of our local community programs. I had my hesitations because it's a lot of commitment and football can be rough. Plus, this momma is not made to sit outdoors in the heat for hours each day. But, I know he wants to try it out and it's really important to him. Plus, I am kinda looking forward to being a first time football mom.  

To help him get ready for his first practice and his big football debut, I wanted to create a fun and easy practice goal post so he can work on his kicks and throws in between practices and just have some fun on the weekends. It was simple and easy to make and he absolutely loves it! Plus, he can play with his older brother and daddy when ever he wants to.

I love that we can spend the last few days of summer break tossing the football around, running drills, and seeing how high we can kick the ball before we head back to school and football practices actually begin.

Even though school is about to start, it's still summer in Texas and our summers are very long and very hot. He may be very excited about starting his practices, but I know that practice will become miserable and hot if I am not prepared. It's usually still in the 90s after 6:00pm and I know I need to be the one to help him power through his grueling practice session. Plus, I need to make sure all of us on the sidelines are hydrated as well. That's why I keep a cooler packed full of our all of our favorite POWERADE flavors. So while he's sweating it out on the football field I can keep him, and the rest of the family, nice and cool. 

Want to create your own backyard football goal post? Make a trip to your favorite hard ware store to grab some supplies and follow these simple steps.

You'll need:

  • Two (2) 10 foot 1 inch pvc piping.
  • Two (2) 1 inch pvc elbow joints
  • One (1) 1 inch pvc T joint
  • Two (2) end caps
  • Yellow Spray paint (I used an outdoor spray paint)
  • Tube of waterproof seal and bond glue
  • Tape Measure
  • Saw

Using a tape measure mark a cut line on one of the 10 foot poles in half (5 feet). Set one 5ft piece aside. Using the other half and the full 10 foot pipe, cut two 2 feet sections and cut two 3-1/2 feet. You will now have 5 cut pieces of pvc piping.

Once all your pieces are cut, lay out and paint all pieces including joints and caps. Let dry completely. 

Now it's time to assemble! 

1. The longest pole, 5 feet, will be your base pole. Attach the T joint to the top of the pole.
2. Place the smallest poles (2 feet) on each side of the T joint to make a T.
3. Attach an elbow joint at the end of each short end. Push in completely.
4. Add the 3-1/2 foot poles to the elbow joint and push down in place.
5. Once pieces are together and you are happy with the height arrangement, using the glue, bond the pieces together. (You may glue as you go along attaching the pieces) I like to wait to glue until after I have made sure each side is perfect. Once it's glued, it's set and can't be changed.
6. Let the glue dry over night to ensure a tight bond.
7. Push into ground and start practicing! 
Make the most of their game days and head to for more great game day tips. Keeping a cooler of different Coca-Cola beverages and POWERADE helps us stay cool during hot game days so no one misses any action. Be sure to head to Walmart so your athlete can hydrate before and during their practices and games.
How do you keep your football player hydrated during game days?


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