October 4, 2016

Simple Rustic Bathroom Towel Holder

My guest bathroom is ready for a change. Right now the rustic and farmhouse style is all the rage and I must say, I am sucked in too! I love the look of the rustic woods and warm tones but my guest bath is the complete opposite. So, with some scrap wood and a crafty touch, I added a little bit of the farmhouse to the room. It's so easy to make and was able to complete it in just a few minutes.

Materials Needed:

  • Piece of scrap wood, cut to needed size.
  • Old or new drawer pull/handle
  • Wood stain
  • Screw driver or drill
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Saw tooth picture hanger or extra long screws and anchors
  • Tape measure
How to make:

1. Measure the piece of wood to size needed. I measured my bathroom wall to ensure a proper size. My wood is cut to 12 and 1/2in.

2. Stain the wood to desired color and let dry.

3. Flip wood over to back side. Using the tape measure to measure the distance between the drawer pull holes and mark with pencil.

4. Drill holes in places marked with drill and drill bit. Make sure the hole drilled is not bigger then the screws you are using.

5. Attach the drawer pull to the front and tighten screws from behind.

6. Attach saw tooth picture hangers to the back to hang on the wall OR using extra long screws and anchors, you can simply attach directly to the wall for a more secure hold.

7. Hang your favorite towel from the handle!

How easy was that? So simple and easy to make and adds a rustic touch to your bathroom without breaking the bank.


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