November 4, 2016

Family of Four Wood Sign

Over the last few weeks I have been slowly trying to update our home with a different style and decor. I was just ready for something different. I love the new farmhouse style decor that is pretty popular right now and very expensive. With not much wiggle room in the budget to splurge on fancy new items I grabbed some scrap wood, paint, and cut out some decals to make my own version of the wood number signs. I had every thing already on hand, so this project didn't cost me a thing! Which is fantastic and perfect for my budget.

What you need:

  • 12x9x2 piece of wood or your choice of size needed for space
  • spray paint
  • sandpaper
  • painters tape
  • decals or stencil for number 4 and words

How to make:
1. Sand the edges and sides of your piece of wood.
2. Paint all sides, front, back, and sides, of  your wood. Let Dry.

3. Tape edges around front side of wood.

4. Add decals/stencil to the front side. 

5. Paint over the entire front with white paint. I purposely only used one coat and did not over saturate it I wanted a more worn/rustic touch to it. Let dry.

6. Once dry, remove the tape and decals. Set out to display!

How easy what that! It's so fun and cute and makes a perfect item to display on our new handmade shelves that I will be sharing shortly!


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