December 23, 2016

Do-It-Yourself Farmhouse Shelves

The farmhouse style is so popular right now and I am totally in love with it. I've been busy trying to update our home to suit this new style while staying on budget. One of our latest DIY projects was adding these simple farmhouse style shelves to our living room. We had a blank empty wall that was screaming for something to be added. A friend of mine recently built something similar in her home and I absolutely loved it! Her creation was a little complicated, so I opted for this simplier verison that is perfect for our home. 

It took only less then an hour to install and set up. The longest part was staining the wood which took over night to dry. My husband helped with the measuring and drilling but of course I supervised. I love how they came out and I am already planning to add these to other areas of our home. Check out below how you too can create these simple shelves as well. 

Now, please know that simple does not mean cheap. The piping can get a little pricing depending on the size and amount of shelves you are creating. We created only 2 shelves and cost us just over $50.00 for supplies to create this project. But, I love how it came out and I don't think I could have purchased something any better for any cheaper. 

What you need:

  • (4) 3/4" galvanized iron pipe 10" in length (plumbing department)
  • (4) 3/4" galvanized iron pipe cap
  • (4) 3/4" galvanized iron pipe floor flange
  • (2) 2" x 10" wood plank cut to size (I had the wood department cut mine pieces for me)
  • Black Hammered Spray Paint 
  • Wood Stain in desired color. (I used Americana)
  • Wall Anchors for floor flanges
  • Wood screws 8x2"
  • Level

How to Build:

1. To figure out shelf placement beforehand, I used a stud finder to ensure shelves were properly secrue into the wall and wont fall down after I decorate. I measured the area and screwed into wall studs with small pilot screws to know where to put the anchors. This also helps to ensure the shelf will be level.

2. I copied the same practice with the second shelf. Please note I did not secure the flanges or shelves to the wall. This was to locate the studs, anchor holes, and to ensure when we do secure it the shelves will be perfectly level and even on the wall.

3. I removed all pieces from the wall and spray painted them all, including the screws, with the black hammered paint. I love the hammered paint because it gives it that worn out look I am going for.

4. Place anchors into wall in locations measured in step 1 & 2. Once items are dry, screw floor flanges into the wall using screws. Then screw in the pipes tightly and screw the end caps onto the pipes. Repeat for all the brackets.

5. Sand and stain your wood shelves and let dry over night for best results

6. Place wood shelves onto the piping. Please note: if your shelf is not level and you used the level beforehand, adjust and rotate your pipes until the shelf is level.

7. Decorate your shelves and enjoy your amazing new shelves!


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