January 5, 2017

Easy Bathroom Mirror Wood Frame Update

I love being able to change up my house and make it the perfect home for my family. We moved in to our current home about 4 years ago. I haven't been able to change much in that 4 years, but that is changing! We started by removing the horrible carpet and replacing it with beautiful wood floors. Now, I have been busy updating little by little. Small things and big things. What ever I can get my hands on. Remodeling can get expensive, so if I can do it my self, I will and that I did with our master bathroom mirror. We had a plain, basic builder grade mirror in our bathroom and hated staring at it for the last few years. So, after creating our farmhouse chicken wire frame, I had a fantastic idea! I could create the same design only larger!!! And it worked! Beautifully. Plus, it's not permanent and can be removed if I change my mind later on. 

What you need:

  • 1x4 wood planks
  • Wood Stain
  • L brackets w/screws (I used 4in brackets, but get size needed on frame size)
  • heavy duty stapler
  • drill
  • command strips (needs to hold at least 10lbs) (I used the picture command strips)
  • wood glue
  • spray paint (I used black hammered Rustoleum)

How to make:

1. Measure and cut your wood to fit on top of current mirror. I measured my wood lengthwise first then the sides. I subtracted the width of the wood from the top and bottom so the sides would fit in between the top and bottom parts.

2. Sand and stain each piece and let dry. Be sure to paint the entire plank. All sides, top and bottom.

3. Spray paint the brackets and screws and let dry. I used Rustoluem in Hammered black for a more rustic/vintage feel.

4. Once all pieces are dry, flip over and place together in a square how it will hang on the mirror. Using the wood glue, glue edges together and reinforce with the heavy duty staples. Let set until dry.

5. Once dry and set, flip over and attach brackets on front side.

6. Once your frame is set and dry, prepare your mirror by cleaning and removing the clips. My mirror is glued on and clips were not needed, however, just in case I replaced my clips with 1x1/4 washers to hold them in place.

7. On the back side of the frame, place the command strips across the back around the frame and let set to hold. Peel the top paper from the strips and place on top of current mirror and push securely in to place.

There you have it! So simple to make and a huge difference! I used the command strips because I didn't want a permanent solution. I may want to change it up later one and this gives me that freedom. I'd love to see how you updated your mirror.


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