February 20, 2017

Science Lab Experiment Birthday Party

Every year when planning my youngest son's birthday party, I try to do something different. Something that doesn't include puppies or dogs. So, when he asked for a science themed birthday party, I was so excited and knew this was going to be awesome!!! I wanted it to be a hands on party full of great fun and of course science experiements. 

I wanted his party to be centered around a science lab and his party guests to be his lab partners. Science experiments would be the main focal point, and hands-on, so we made sure that the food and decor was simple but would make a big impact. Bright green, blue, and orange colors popped set against the black backgrounds. 

We welcomed our lab partners with a printed welcome sign from Lillian Hope Designs. We placed it in a black frame to match the party decor. 

We placed the printable backdrop, also from Lillian Hope Designs, on a stand on top of a table used for the cake and cupcakes. Black tablecloth drapped over the table and round metal pizza pans held the vanillia and chocolate cupcakes.

The science themed chocolate cake was decorated with matching molecules and party colors. The cake was made by Sharon of Sweet and Sassy Cakes of Forney and she always does an amazing job. Just look at the super cute flask on top!

Printable science themed toppers were placed on top of each decorated cupcake and wrapped with a printable cupcake wrapper.

For the table decorations, I placed a plastic black table cloth on top of a black cloth tablecloth to ensure my table underneath is protected from the experiments later. Centerpieces were a mix of glass and plastic science flasks and beakers. I added different amounts of water and food coloring to make different potions inside the glass bottles and placed them on top of round metal pizza pans. Science goggles and a microscope was added to complete the table decor.

Each lab partner had their very own science kit ready for exploring. A metal pan was placed on the table and included protective goggles, lab book, magnifying glass, pencil, crayons, and balloons for completing their experiements later. To keep all their science essentials in one place, we gave each guest a black box for easy storage.

Of course only the top lab partners were given access to the awesome experiements. Each party guest was given a personalized badge and lanyard to allow full access to all the cool things going on at the party.

To top off the party decor, we wrapped water bottles with printable H2O labels perfect for science loving friends.

All our lab partners were treated to a few fun science experiments. We blew up balloons using nothing but a water bottle, vinegar, and baking soda. It was a huge hit!!!

Then we mixed up some ingredients and made elephant toothpaste. They loved the exploding solution and all the fun colors.

What an amazing birthday party this was! It was a first for us but wont be a last. Any time I can incorporate a bit of education in a party, I am all for it.

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