June 6, 2017

14 Father’s Day Craft Projects for Kids

{Guest Blogger ~ Jordan S.} Nothing says, “I Love You” better than a thoughtful, homemade gift for Father’s Day. Every year the kids try to come up with something new and special to show their dad just how much they love and appreciate him. Here are a few thoughtful crafts that are sure to brighten up any Father’s Day.
1. DIY Shaving Cream
This all-natural shaving cream is a lovely alternative to store-bought, chemical-laden foam, and it leaves Dad’s face smooth, soft and smelling fantastic. This DIY shaving cream recipe is simple to follow, and the kids can help with measuring the ingredients and whipping the butter once it has cooled down.
2. Desk Organizer
Help keep Dad’s office tidy and organized with this fun desk organizer. The kids can create any design they like, just make sure the cans don’t have any sharp edges that might cut little fingers.
3. Car T-Shirt
This car racetrack t-shirt is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only is it a super cute, wearable shirt, but it is also a terrific way to trick the kids into giving Dad a back rub.
You can buy affordable wholesale t shirts online, and the kids can create a few different racetracks for Dad to wear. Expect a happy, relaxed Dad, and the kids are occupied! That’s a winning situation for everyone.
4. King’s Crown
Make Dad feel like he is the King of the Castle with a handmade crown. The kids did something similar for me for Mother’s Day, and I loved it so much I didn’t want to take it off all day. Bonus: When Dad is wearing the crown, the kids must do what he says!
5. Catchall
There is always something in Dad’s pocket, as the kids well know. Whether it’s coins, keys, gum or candy, this mini clay bowl is the perfect catchall to help Dad keep all his pocket treasure in one place. The modeling clay is easy and fun for the kids to create with, and they can out their own personal spin on it with bright paints and stamps.
6. Superhero Cape
All Dads are superheroes to their kids. Make the title official by crafting a “Super Dad” cape. This no-sew cape tutorial is simple enough for the kids to follow, you will just need to increase the amount of fabric for an adult-sized cape, and supervise them with the glue gun. Alternatively, you could just get out an old bedsheet and some markers and let the kids go wild.
7. Homemade BBQ Sauce
Now that the weather is warmer, it’s time to get outdoors and fire up the grill. Dad is King of the Grill in this house, and he will love this homemade BBQ sauce.
The kids need a little supervision in the kitchen, but they loved getting messy, while they measured, poured and mixed. You can also get the kids to make cute, personalized labels to put on the jars.
8. Leather Bracelet
Give something thoughtful and stylish to Dad this Father’s Day. This braided leather bracelet is fun for the kids to make, and will also teach them a brand-new fine motor skill. The kids will find the braiding easy enough once you show them how, but you will have to add the lobster clasps for younger kids.
9. Paperweight
Keep the mountain of paperwork in Dad’s office under control with a decorative paperweight. This craft is so simple, yet beautiful. All you need is a big rock and an even bigger imagination.
You could decorate the paperweight with decoupage like in this tutorial, or you could simply paint it with some acrylic paint. Just as with the garden markers, make sure you seal the outside so any spills don’t ruin Dad’s gift.
10. Lego Cufflinks
One of the kids’ favorite activities to do with their Dad is to create towering sculptures out of Lego. These adorable Lego cufflinks will remind Dad of his kids whenever he wears them, and we have so many Legos to spare we could probably make him a pair for every day of the year!
11. Garden Markers
We are an outdoorsy kind of family, and Dad loves to spend time in his garden. These cute garden markers will help him keep track of where he has planted everything, and it also gets the kids excited about growing their own fruit and vegetables.
We used some leftover tiles for the markers, but this tutorial uses large river rocks as the base for the markers. Just make sure you seal the rocks after painting them, otherwise all your beautiful pictures will wash off in the rain.
12. Personalized Coffee Mug
We are all a bit more cheerful in the morning after that first cup of coffee. Help Dad start his day off the right way by creating a beautiful mug for him to enjoy his coffee.
This coffee mug tutorial uses the kids’ fingerprints to create an adorable personalized mug. But you could just let their imaginations run wild. Use porcelain paint and cure it in the oven so the paint doesn’t come off in the dishwasher.
13. Beaded Keychain
Develop your kids’ fine motor skills and create this cute beaded key chain for Dad this Father’s Day. You can find these beads at your local dollar store and customize the message to say whatever you like, but you can never go wrong with a classic “I Love You.” Alternatively, you can buy plain beads and have the kids paint them in Dad’s favorite colors.
14. BBQ Tool Apron
You could also pair your homemade BBQ sauce with this handy BBQ tool apron. This apron makes sure Dad has all the utensils he needs to create the perfect meal on the BBQ.
This gift does not require any sewing, and you can get the kids involved by choosing a plain-colored fabric, and having them create their own pattern with some fabric paint and stamps.


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