July 12, 2019

Video Game Arcade Birthday Party

My boys are growing up so fast. I still cannot believe that we celebrated my oldest son's 10th birthday over the summer. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital and I spent countless hours trying to get him to sleep through the night. Those days seemed like they would last forever. Now, I look back on those days longing to be able to hold him just one more time in my arms.

So, now that he was entering the big double digits, I wanted t omake sure his 10th birthday party celebrated everything about him that makes him who he is. I created his party theme around all his favorites. Favorite video games, favorite foods, favorite colors, favorite everything. So, I created this Video Game Arcade party full of his favorites and it was a blast. 

His party table consisted of his favorite video games, Mario Bros., Minecraft, and Plants vs Zombies with some XBOX items thrown in. Game controll cookies, pea shooter cupcakes, star shaped crispie treats, and a zombie garden made his theme come to life. Set against a brick backdrop, his name was front and center along with a custom made game banner.

Pirhana plants made from painted pvc pipes and paper were crafted and made a huge statement. Mario question mark blocks were made from tissue boxes provided another level for the pea shooter cupcakes to shine. Mini bomb cake pops gave guests another treat option and Minecraft toys were placed around for added decoration.

The chocolate Plants vs Zombies garden was delicious and everyone was in awe of the details. It was a perfect centerpiece for his video game party.

I decorated the table with a grass table cloth and black and white polka dot runner. His favorite chips and veggies filled the space to compliment his favorite food, hot dogs. Game controller cookies, crispie treat stars, bomb cake pops and pea shooter cupcakes rounded out the food and treats. Plus, all the sides and toppings you could ask for to top your hot dog.

Out side party guests were greeted to hanging Mario blocks, like in the video games, as party guests made their way to the video game truck for an hour and a half of video game play! Including a dance party!

Guests were sent home with video game themed bookmarks, controller erasers tucked into fabulous mini bags by The Purple Pug.

What an amazing birthday!! I still cannot believe he is 10 years old already. But, no matter how old he gets, he will always be my baby boy.


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