January 9, 2018

Best Disney-Bound Looks of 2017

Welcome to our modern times, where every day is an opportunity to be someone new. Fashion-meets-cosplay is all the rage, and crafty style-lovers are taking it to a whole new level with the hottest in fan fashion: Disneybounding. If you’re new to the Disneybounding world, here’s the rundown. This trend — dubbed “closet cosplay” — is when Disney fans put together everyday outfits inspired by Disney characters. Trend-setters like Caitlin McHugh (who also happens to be the super-lucky fiancĂ©e of John Stamos) are jumping on the Disneybounding bandwagon in droves.

The best part about this trend is that it can be achieved relatively easy with blank t shirts, some fun accessories and a little bit of creativity. Here are a few of our favorite Disneybounding looks from 2017 to help you nail this fairytale fashion trend. We’ve pulled some awesome ideas from the best Disneybounding blogs to help you envision some great, new ways to show love for your favorite movies and TV shows.

Belle: The Fairest Disney-Bound Princess

This year brought us the live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast,” so it’s no surprise that Disney fanatics got pretty crafty when emulating their best Belle-inspired looks. In the latest version, Emma Watson wears a more modern take on the classic yellow gown that Belle wore in the animated 1991 film, inspiring Disneybounders to take a trendier approach. 

Want to step out as Belle at your next formal affair? Obviously, you’re going to need a sunny yellow dress for the occasion! We love versions with ruffles, and an oversized tulle skirt wouldn’t hurt, either. Belle can be dressed down with a solid yellow cotton dress and flats, too. Just make sure you add some classic rose accents to honor The Enchanted Rose.

Moana: The Beachy Disney-Bound Queen

It didn’t take long after Moana hit the big screen for Disney cosplayers to come up with one-of-a-kind looks inspired by the Polynesian princess. Last year’s Disney blockbuster told the story of the determined, free-spirited Moana and her attempt to overturn an age-old curse that plagued her island. The heroine’s adventurous spirit lends itself well to all kinds of delightful Disneybounding styles.

To hit Moana on the head — metaphorically, of course — you’re going to need a peach or red top and all kinds of crochet. As you can see from the outfit above, it’s pretty simple to give Moana a more sophisticated look with sand-colored sandals and some beachy, boho embellishments. We’re particularly crazy about the turquoise necklace, which represents the magical pounamu stone from the film.

The Little Mermaid: Sparkly Style

For some reason, serious Disneybounders tend to gravitate towards looks inspired by “The Little Mermaid.” Maybe it’s because mermaids are the new unicorns, or maybe it’s because almost everyone loves a little sparkle. Either way, we’re not complaining. Ariel is known for her jewel-toned under-the-sea look, and it’s simple to tie together with seaworthy accents, like the adorable seashell necklace shown below.

A solid colored lavender T-shirt can be jazzed up with Ariel-worthy appliques and accents for a one-of-a-kind way to channel your inner mythical being. Ariel’s signature accessory has to be the twisted fork! Add this subtle nod to your Ariel cosplay for a super-sweet way to pay tribute to your favorite character! If you’re really serious about getting into character, you can’t go wrong with a swimmable mermaid tail.

The Queen of Hearts: Mysterious Disneybounding

There are few Disney villains Disneybounded quite often as the Queen of Hearts. It doesn’t matter if you love the look from the original 1951 animated version of “Alice in Wonderland” or are more into the more recent Tim Burton version, the Queen brings a whole lot if opportunity for transforming this look into a cool, day-to-day outfit. Whether you add a gold crown is up to you, but we highly recommend it!

The Queen of Hearts was known for her black and white cape with a red and yellow striped skirt, which is relatively easy to achieve with clothes from your favorite retailer. The devil’s in the details, though! To totally nail the Queen of Hearts, you’re going to need some accessories inspired by a deck of cards. We’re crazy about this blogger’s take featuring a Queen of Hearts clutch and heart-topped flats.

Pocahontas: Bohemian Style

The best part about Disneybounding Pocahontas — the original Native American princess — is that she lends herself to a wide range of boho-inspired styles. In the classic 1995 animated film, Pocahontas wore her iconic neutral-colored, one-shoulder dress with plenty of fringe. The barefooted, animal-loving protagonist was all about rich colors of taupe, beige and (her signature) turquoise.

To achieve the perfect Disneybounding look to honor this posh princess, you’ll definitely want to start with some fringed suede. Whether you include this in a dress, top or a boho bag is up to you! We love the idea of channeling the Native spirit with some fringy moccasins, too. And don’t forget some turquoise-colored beads.

Elsa: Icy Style for the Glam Queen

The original ice princess from the 2013 mega-hit “Frozen” may have had a knack for warming things up, but her ensembles are all about cool charm! Elsa’s signature outfit was the floor-length ice-blue gown with snowflake appliques, which she wore with a trendy side braid. Of course, Disneybounders are crazy about this recognizable look, but they’ve found ways to include components inspired by Arendelle, with faux fur and cozy components.

If you’ve already got a closet full of blue tops and dresses, you’re well on your way to a memorable Elsa Disneybound. All you need is a few sparkly accessories — we’re crazy about this blogger’s iced-out rhinestone flats and hair bow — and some aquamarine or tanzanite gems! As always, the more detail the better. Add some Elsa-inspired eyeshadow and nail polish for a totally tied-together look.


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