September 26, 2018

Building Imaginative Play in a Technological World

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Raising young boys in a not-so-social, but yet completely social world can be scary. Especially since they are in that age where they are no longer considered young children, but not quite teens yet. Yes, we are knocking on the door of the pre-teen and tween years. They are struggling between their former kid self, like the times they could play for hours with their cars, trucks, dinosaurs and their limitless imaginations and what seems like the new and exciting world of technology with video games, phones, computers and the like. Having one just on the cusp of leaving that world of adventure behind, I am thankful to still see the glimpse of the need to stay true to himself in my younger 9 year old son.

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We are no stranger to the technological world we live in. But, they also love to use their imaginations as well. So, I love when they can combine the best of both worlds. Creating sets and worlds and a whold new adventure brings out the best in their imagination and grabbing their phones or even computers to record and make movies is something that completely excites them! Some of their favorite playsets have to be PLAYMOBIL and the exciting worlds they create. Especially the PLAYMOBIL Hidden Temple with T-Rex paired with the Explorer Quad with T-Rex from Walmart.

Building up their imaginative play is very important the older they get. Playing with the PLAYMOBIL sets helps keep their mind active, imagination soaring and promotes creative thinking in all aspects of their life. My son was so excited when I brought home the new Hidden Temple set and could not wait to get started building right away.

Creative boys need creative spaces, so using some 2x4 pieces of wood and some stain, my husband and I created this work bench for them that is perfect for creating, building and exploring the creative wonders that come with imaginative play time. It's the perfect platform for creating a thrilling action adventure movie with dinosaurs and the great ancient temple.

Before playtime can ensue, building the sets is the first and most important part of the process. He couldn't wait to get started building and putting the sets together. Part of me thinks that they enjoy this part the most.

While one builds the other one plays! The dinosaur sets are so much fun to put together, they couldn't wait to get the action started. They set up the sets like a movie set to act out the thrilling adventures.

Whether it's a daring escape, a heroic rescue or a thrilling journey what adventure will these PLAYMOBIL sets take you on? Be sure to head to your local Walmart to pick your favorite sets today. Just because your kids are growing older, doesn't mean they have to stop using their imagination. Plus, you can always combine the imaginative play with technology to create a whole new world of adventre. Check out the PLAYMOBIL site for more creative ideas!


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