June 26, 2015

DIY Easy Plush Toy Holder

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Have you seen the new Disney Pixar movie Inside Out? We have and it's awesome! It really gives the kids a better understanding of their emotions and how they work and why they feel the way they do sometimes. We headed into our local Wal-Mart and was able to get our favorite emotions to keep the movie going at home. 

Of course all of them are our favorite emotions and had to get each one. 

As a mom of two boys, organization is a must! Without it, our home and toys would be everywhere, well even more then they already are. Even with being as organized as we can, the toys still seem to scatter everywhere! But, now with a new puppy in the house, organization has never been more important. Because organization is key, we created this fun and easy DIY Plush Toy Holder to keep all our emotions in one place. Plus, helps keep them away from our new puppy who likes to chew on Joy. 

To create your own DIY Plush Holder, simply gather all your favorite Inside Out Emotions and a wooden storage crate. We found the wood crate at Wal-Mart and fit all our favorite characters perfectly.

Craft paint, wheels, drawer pulls, and paintbrushes helped create our plush holder.

To create: Attach wheels to the bottom side of wood crate. We pre-drilled holes in the crate and secured the wheels in place with screws.

After attaching the wheels and securing the handles/drawer pulls to the sides, we got down to decorating. Since this was going in the playroom, I wanted it to reflect them and have them decorate it. Using craft paint, the boys placed hand prints all over the outside of the crate. My original plan was to create a decal with the words "TOYS" on the outside of it as well, but I loved the hand prints so much I could't bare to cover them up.

There you have it!! It was so simple and so much fun. It was something we could create as a family and we all had a great time making it.


Wooden Crate
Set of 4 Caster Wheels
Set of 2 Drawer Pulls
Craft Paint

How To:

1. Attach wheels to bottom of crate.
2. Attach handles to each side of crate.
3. Decorate your crate as you like
4. Fill with plush toys and enjoy! 

As soon as our Plush Holder was complete, of course playtime was next! We loved the movie and we loved being able to play with the characters at home.

The movie was filled with such emotion and explaining the different types of feelings and emotions with them was a lot more fun with the Inside Out characters. They both loved to act out the feelings and are more aware now of what each emotion brings.

My oldest especially took to the characters more as he now has a clearer picture of his emotions and how to react and handle them better. Especially now that he is getting older, he has many emotions swirling around and is not sure what is going on or how to handle them. He loves to just grab a character that reflects how he is feeling at the moment and talk it out or use it to help figure out why he is feeling that way. He can reflect back to the movie through the toys and understand that what he is feeling is normal.

Our favorite character is Joy. What character emotion does your child relate to the most???


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