May 24, 2015

DIY Door Knob Hanger Decoration

Teacher Appreciation Week was a few weeks ago and while I created lots of fun gifts for my boys teachers, I was also able to help surprise all the teachers at the school by helping to decorate their classroom doors. The PTO at the school organized a door decorating day to meet up after school and completely design and decorate a teachers door to celebrate them during Teacher Appreciation Week. So, of course I got right to work, with the help of the other grade level decorators, we created a theme for our all our 2nd grade doors. Wanting to give the teachers something they can use long after the school year ends and the paper comes down, I created these super easy and super cute DIY Door Knob Hanger Decorations to hang from each teachers door. 

We found these blank wooden signs at Hobby Lobby and painted them in different colors to match our themes. We were coordinating all three 2nd grade teachers doors to match a garden, outdoor scene. Each would include butterflies, flowers, and kites. 

Once the paint dried, we measured and paired each wood sign with fun, printed printed papers. Something that would match the doors, but could also be used elsewhere.

We then added adorable wooden cutouts we found at both Hobby Lobby and Michaels. 

Finally, we added matching ribbon and a paper die-cut letter of their last name. Now, they can hang proudly on their doors of the classroom and when school is out, use anywhere they would like. Each wood sign cost less then $3.00 to make. 

Even though I didn't get to decorate her door, I of course had to make one for Blake's awesome kindergarten teacher. 

They made the perfect addition to our Teacher Appreciation Doors and the teachers loved them! HUGE thanks to everyone who helped decorate all 30+ teachers doors at the school and to Maria and Sonya for helping me decorate the 2nd Grade doors. 

This is Blake's kindergarten teachers door decorated by the kinder door volunteer, Pamela. She did an awesome job! 


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