May 2, 2016

Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder

Boys and bathrooms are not the greatest combination. They are anything but neat and sometimes I am scared to go in their bathroom. Having two young boys who would rather be playing video games or with their toys then taking the time to brush their teeth or wash their hands and actually clean up afterwards, the bathroom becomes a huge mess. Toothpaste ends up on the walls, floors, and even the cabinets. It makes me wonder how much is actually getting in their mouth. After I get them snuggled into their beds at night and pass by the bathroom, I notice toothbrushes on the floor, yes the floor! The toothpaste tube is in the dogs mouth, and their is toothpaste covering the mirror. 

So, after coming across a fun and simple idea on pinterest for their own toothbrush holders I just had to make my own. I had everything on hand already so the cost was minimal and took only 5 minutes to create. In fact, they both helped me create them and they love it! They love having their own "space" and have surprisingly kept it clean and has managed to keep their items in one place. 

To create your own personalized toothbrush holder you will need:
  • Mason Jar or other type jar or vase
  • Letter stickers, paint, marker, vinyl (I created mine from vinyl and a die cut machine)
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste (Travel sized works wonderful!! They have their own and love it)

1. Clean the jar or vase with a glass cleaner to remove dust and dirt and let dry completely.

2. Attach or add their name using the stickers, vinyl, paint, etc.

3. Add the tooth brushes, toothpaste, floss, etc. Anything they need for getting ready.

4. Let them enjoy!

My boys love the fact that the jars and items are just for them. It lets them have something of their own since they share so much. It may just be toothpaste but to them its so much more!


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