May 18, 2016

Rock the World Painting Craft for Kids

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Growing up in the 80s and 90s, music was a big part of my childhood. I remember riding my bike over to my friends house during the summer, turning on the music TV channel and watch music videos all day long. We would even get up to dance along and grab the nearest item to us and use as a microphone to pretend we were the lead singers of the groups and sing along for our own concert. 

I have always loved music. I played the violin, took guitar lessons, even sang in my middle school select choir. Now that I have kids of my own, I have been trying to introduce music into their own lives anyway I can. Now that they are finding their own sound, I want to introduce them to more genres and teach them that music is not just songs on the radio, but that the lyrics and sounds can be meaningful and relate to different parts of their life.

When certain songs are played on the radio or even commercials on TV, it brings back special moments throughout my life. Songs from my first date with my husband, our wedding, birthday parties, and some song lyrics make me tear up just thinking about how fast my kids have grown. Music fills your soul with love and memories. To bring music to our playroom, I created this fun and easy Rock the World Painting Craft my boys will love. 

  • Blank canvas (any size)
  • Paintbrush
  • Craft Paint in your choice of colors
  • Vinyl decals, stencils, paper patterns, etc. of the guitar or other image.
  • Paint marker, decal letters, sticker letters, etc for phrase or saying.

How to make:

1. Place image decal or pattern on your blank canvas. (Tip: you may paint your canvas a color ahead of time, let dry, then apply your decal.)

2. Choose the colors you want to use and decide how you want your painting to look. Stripes, single colors, a modge podge of colors all over. (Tip: Let kids have a go at their painting skills.) 

3. Start painting! Be careful around your decal. When painting over the image, I like to paint from the decal outwards, that way paint wont pool around sides and leak underneath. (Tip: Have a few brushes on hand, one for each color. Will cut down on time and easy to switch back and forth.)

4. Once finished painting, let dry. (Tip: I used an acrylic craft paint and it dries a lot faster then other paint.)

5. Once dry, peel up or remove the decal to reveal the image.
6. Draw or apply the letters or phrase to the inside of the guitar or other image you choose. (Tip: I used cut vinyl letters for a super easy application. Hand drawing, stencil, and stickers will work the same.)

6. Hang and enjoy! (Tip: Use command type picture strips to hang on your wall without ruining your wall. Plus, makes it easy to remove and change location.)

We hung our Rock the World Guitar art in our playroom. I decorated a wall in their playroom to showcase some of their favorite art work from school, art class, or just from crafting at home. I absolutely love the guitar print we created for their playroom! My boys are just now finding their music sound and have been really excited to start listening to their newly found favorites.

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