June 5, 2016

Create a comfy reading space at home

My boys love reading books and with school letting out and summer here, I wanted to create a nice comfy area for the boys to enjoy some summer reading. Someplace quiet and free from distraction, which is harder then it sounds. Using a corner in our playroom, I created this nice and cozy reading space for my little guys to read, sit quietly, or even play games on their ipad. 

To create this space we filled a corner of our play room with lots of comfy pillows and blankets. We used our awesome striped pillows that were created by Cottontail Creations and featured in our Gator Time post. Plus, we included some reading buddies, stuffed puppies of course.

We purchased a fabric and wood book case, perfect for paper back books, and piled it full of our favorite books.

Stacks of hard cover books, quiet time sign, for when in use, and a small assortment of coloring books, game books, and educational books and workbooks completed the set up.

For when he is reading and doesn't want to be disturbed, our "I'm invisible" push light is perfect to get his uninterrupted reading time.

We finished off the space with a decorative banner and personalized bookmarks. Now they can sit an enjoy a nice quiet place to enjoy some down time and a good book.


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