June 21, 2016

Summertime Backyard Sack Race

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Summertime in Texas is hot, hot, and did I say hot?! What better way to beat the summer heat then with a summertime backyard sack race? It's a perfect way to keep kids busy indoors while decorating the sacks, aka pillowcases, then heading outdoors to help to set up the race course in the backyard. Plus, throw in some fun water balloon target practice and a delicious bowl of ice cream and you have a perfect summer backyard fun day full of family fun. 

How to Create a Backyard Sack Race
Materials Needed:
  • Pillowcases - king size or body pillow size worked best for us. My boys are a little tall for their age.
  • Paint, fabric paint works best, but we created ours with regular craft paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Craft materials (optional); ribbon, material, stickers, etc. to decorate your sacks
  • Crepe paper; multiple colors
  • 4 Yard stakes
  • Start and Finish signs

How to Make:

  1. Start painting. Place paint on a plate or tray and let your kids decorate their own sacks how they want. 
  2. Let dry. Make sure they are completely dry before jumping in.


Set Up Jumping Course:

  1. Using the yard stakes, place to form a large square.
  2. Wrap the crape paper around all 4 yard stakes, taping ends in place. Be sure to leave one side open.
  3. Add a start and finish sign
  4. Set up your lanes. I placed a cone in the center to designate the two lanes.
  5. Ready..... Set..... Jump!!!! 

First one to cross the finish line (break through the paper) wins!!! Ours was a photo finish that ended in a tie of course!

After all that jumping, the boys didn't want the fun to end. I quickly grabbed some sidewalk chalk, tape, and a bunch of water balloons to create some target practice, and to help cool down a bit.

How to Create a Backyard Water Balloon Target Practice Game

Materials Needed:

  • Water balloons
  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Tape, painters tape, duct tape, etc.

How to Make:

  1. Place tape on ground to create a large square or circle.
  2. Create a smaller square or circle inside the larger square.
  3. Create a bulls-eye inside the smaller square (optional).
  4. Fill water balloons with water and place in a large container.
  5. Create a score chart with chalk to the side.
  6. Using the chalk mark score numbers inside each square level.
  7. Toss balloons to land in the target areas and record.
  8. Balloon has to POP inside the area to gain the points.

After all the balloons had been tossed and broken and the final scores had been tallied, we headed indoors to help cool down with the new DREYER’S Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream and DREYER’S BabyRuth Ice Cream. How could we not? It's ice cream and candy in one!! Two our of favorite things. Plus, it's made from fresh milk and cream with no artificial flavors or colors and most importantly no rBST (milk production hormone). 

Head to your local Wal-Mart to grab your DREYER'S Ice Cream with flavors inspired by your favorite candy for a delicious summer treat. Plus, stay for an in-store demo featuring your favorite flavors this month in June.

How do you and your family cool off in the summer heat? 


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