July 13, 2016

Summer BBQ Picnic for Dinner

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It's summertime and it's HOT!!! Living in north Texas our temperatures are typically well into the triple digits making it unbearable and miserable to be outside. But, with two boys in the house, I have to keep them busy all summer long, no matter what the thermometer says. So, if we can't get outside to celebrate our summer break, I wanted to bring a fun BBQ picnic indoors for all of us to enjoy! After all, who doesn't love a summer picnic with lots of delicious food!

Of course this can't be a normal everyday type of picnic. I wanted to serve delicious BBQ ribs, homemade potato salad, fresh cooked green beans, and refreshing drinks. Plus, I'm not a big fan of sitting on the ground to eat or the bugs or the heat or the wind that come with dining outdoors. I grabbed a red and white checkered tablecloth along with all the essentials to set up our picnic dinner indoors.

One of those essentials is the KC Masterpiece® BBQ Sauce Mix & Dry Rub I picked up at our neighborhood Kroger. I am not much of a cook so I rely on KC Masterpiece® BBQ Sauce Mix & Dry Rub to give my ribs the flavor my family expects. It comes in two different flavors, Original and Sweet Honey. Plus, you can use it as a dry rub or add water or your choice of juice, soda, etc to make a BBQ sauce just the way you want, and two pouches make 16 oz. of BBQ sauce, which is a lot!

We used our KC Masterpiece® BBQ Sauce Mix & Dry Rub in Sweet Honey as a dry rub on our beef ribs. It is our focal point of our indoor dinner picnic. We used one packet and coated both sides of our ribs placed on a platter and set in the refrigerator for a about an hour while I gathered the other ingredients I needed to complete our dinner. Like peel potatoes and prepare the green beans.

After about an hour, I placed our ribs in our outdoor smoker and set the timer for about 3 hours. I started really early in the morning to make sure it would be perfect and ready to go by dinnertime.

After about 3 hours, I pulled the ribs out and placed onto foil and wrapped completely and placed back in the smoker for another 1-2 hours.

Remove the foil from the ribs and using the other packet of the KC Masterpiece® BBQ Sauce Mix & Dry Rub, I added our favorite soda to make a sauce and smothered the ribs, top and bottom, and placed back in the smoker for one more final hour.

Remove the ribs from the smoker and place on a platter. Cut into pieces, serve, and enjoy!!!! The KC Masterpiece® BBQ Sauce Mix & Dry Rub is amazing! It is packed full with tons of flavor that my family gobbled up!

I used round foil pans as plates to keep our food in one place (makes for easy clean up too), mason jars as drink cups, and served up my homemade potato salad with fresh cooked green beans family style in the center of the table for easy access to seconds. Matching napkins completed the table set up for our picnic style dinner.

The ribs and the picnic were a hit! They loved bringing the outdoors inside and diving into the delicious ribs. They all want to do it again soon!

The next time you're planning a BBQ for a family get together, picnic, party, or just for dinner, head to your local Kroger to grab the KC Masterpiece® BBQ Sauce Mix & Dry Rub to make your chicken, pork, beef, and vegetables stand out. Look for it on the condiment aisle, and look for awesome savings here!

What is your favorite way to bring the summer fun indoors?


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