January 23, 2018

Cerealsly Awesome Valentine's Day Class Gifts

When my oldest son started kindergarten, it was a hard transition. He was my first baby and I was sending him off into the big world. I didn't want to let him go, but I was so excited to see him grow. I wanted to make his year extra special and celebrated every single holiday I could just to make it fun and memborable for him. Plus, it was able to keep my mind distracted from having him gone 8 hour s a day.

When Valentine's Day came, I didn't want to pass out candy to a group of 5 year olds and I wanted something to be their Valentine's cards as well as a special gift from him to his very first classmates and real friends. I crafted these Cerealsy Awesome gift tags and attached them to individual boxes of cereal and a plastic spoon.

Fast forward 5+ years and these remain one of my most popular printables I've done. But, it was time to give them an update and a bit of a make-over. The original tags were so cute and worked well, but now, they are even better!!!

To create a one of a kind gift perfect for Valentine's Day:

1. Simply dowload our free printable gift tags.
2. Print out on thick cardstock. 110lb paper works best. Can print at home or local print shop.
3. Cut using a 2in circle punch or hand cut with scissors.
4. (Optional) Cut a 3in circle in red or blue for back.
5. Attach to an indivual box of cereal with ribbon and a spoon.
6. Pass out to friends!


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