February 20, 2018

The Local Dish around Forney, TX

My family is from Brooklyn, NY, but moved us down to Dallas, TX when I just a baby. I was raised as a Texan, with big city roots, and we settled in a large suburb just outside of Dallas. It was a normal suburb like everywhere else. We had movie theaters, restaurants galore, shops and stores of every kind. You name it, it was there. But, after living there for over 30 years, it was getting too big for me, population around 150,000, so we packed up and moved to the small town of Forney, TX, population of 19,000. We are only about a 30 minute drive from Dallas and it wasn't terribly small, but just small enough for me. However, living in this small town, we do not have a lot of shops and stores, But, we do have a great selection of restaurants. Most of which are local to our town and they provide the best service and food anywhere.

While there are more the 10 choices of places to dine around my home town, these are my favorite. I have dined at each one personally, because there is not much else to do, and I love them all for different reasons. We may live in small town Texas where Friday night lights are a big deal and everyone knows everyone's business, but the food and service you get here is like no where else. I wanted to share my top 10 favorite restaurants in case you are ever in the area or just passing through.

1. Oscar Delta Texas Kitchen
Oscar Delta is probably my favorite restaurant in the area and probably surrounding areas as well. It is a casual dining restaurant that you order at a counter and they assemble your dish as you watch or if it's a specialty item, they'll notify the grill and begin to prepare it. Everything is fresh and made to order. The ranch and salsa are made in house and delicious. They are open all day, including breakfast. They serve up breakfast tacos, sweet cream hotcakes, which are to die for, and my favorite Avocados by Morning, Avocado halves topped with scrambled eggs, chorizo, and green chilis. I usually omit the chilies, but it is so good. Plus, I don't think I've ever had a bad choice for lunch/dinner. But my favorite has to be the chicken tortilla soup and the taco bowls. Other great choices include brisket cheddar burger, chicken fried steak, and of course, tacos made your way. This is a must try place and tops my list as my absolute favorite.

2. Napoli's Italian Bistro
I am Italian and I love good Italian food. Living in a small town, that can be hard to find. But, Napoli's proves me wrong. They offer everything from hand-tossed pizza, lasagna, baked ziti, fettucini, and all the classics. It is a casual dine in restaurant with a full service bar. A great Italian corner bistro that is not to be missed. My favorite is the tomato basil soup with side salad and house dressing. Plus, pile up the garlic bread knots. They are always baked hot and fresh.

3. Latham Bakery
Brand new to the downtown historic district, Latham Bakery serves breakfast and lunch/dinner along with delicious pastries and bakery goods. Huge salads like cobb salad, mediterranean salad, and the honey mustard chicken salad along with flatbread paninis, cobb sandwich, club sandwich, and roast beef sandwiches, its a perfectly quaint little bakery that reminds me of being in a big city, but only in a small town. Everything is made in house and made to order. With fresh croissants, pastries, muffins, cupcakes, and so much more, Latham Bakery has set the bar high with their delicious menu. They are always adding specials like soups and homemade pot pies and is the perfect spot for breakfast and lunch. It also makes a great gathering place to meet friends and family.

4. Crumbzz
I am not sure I can say enough good things about Crumbzz. Situated in the newly renovated historic downtown distric in Forney, Crumbzz serves up old world cuisine that you simply cannot get anywhere else. The menu is limited to breakfast, brunch, and lunch. But, why mess with perfection. I have attened book club meetings, get togethers, as well as celebrated my birthday and even just met my mom for breakfast here. It's a great place to gather. But, the food is the real star. The chef and owner compiled the best ingredients and recipes from around the world and cooks them up in the kitchen. Lemon ricotta pancakes from Italy, Catalina Isle eggs benedict, Parisian style oatmeal made from scratch, Fribourg grilled cheese, Tuscan garden sandwich, and much more are served by super friendly staff. Plus, you cannot miss the award winning namesack crumb cakes.

5. Cristina's Fine Mexican Restaurant
We have a lot of small town, locally own restaurants in Forney, but Cristina's is a chain that I included because the food is really good and one of our favorites. We have a lot of tex-mex style restaurants and they are all pretty good places to go. But, Cristina's is one that has not let us down. Tacos and the enchiladas are my favorites entrees but my husband likes the fajitas. Its a great restaurant when your looking for some really good mexican food. Try the avocado soup, it's delicious.

6. Doe Belly's Cajun Creole
Doe Belly's is one of the first places we tried when we moved out to Forney and we were not disappointed. I love fried catfish and that is very hard to find, even in a big city. With jambalaya, creole, po-boys, shrimp, and catfish, there is something for everyone. We always opt for the family meals that includes sides like potato salad and dirty rice. Plus, their tarter sauce is so good! They also cater and have a food truck!

7. Alfredo's Steak House
Alfredo's Steak House is a local favorite. But, don't let the "steak house" fool you, they serve up some of the best breakfast in town. Chicken fried steak and eggs, Texas toast, pancakes, waffles, and of course add a ribeye with your eggs. But for me, their homestyle dinners are my favorite. Southern cooking at it's best like pork chops, hamburger steak, New York strip steaks, garden fresh veggies, and old fashioned burgers. Alfredo's has been serving the community since 1987 and is a local favorite choice.

8. Tokyo Harbor
Tokyo Harbor can't be missed for sushi and hibatchi lovers. That would include my husband and my youngest son. The kids love the show the chefs put on at the hibatchi tables and my husband cannot get enough of the fresh sushi. I usually get the combination of chicken and steak hibatchi that includes a salad, soup, veggies, shrimp, and rice. More then enough food for me to eat and my super picky oldest son usually gobbles it all up. If you're not in the mood for hibatchi, they have a typical restaurant and bar to dine at as well.

9. 4T's BBQ
If you live in Texas, BBQ is a must! But, not all BBQ is the same. I cannot get enough of tender and juicy BBQ and 4T's BBQ delivers that and beyond. Using hand crafted recipes, seasonings, and sauces, it's no wonder they have won many awards across the area for being the best of the best. Open only from 11-3 (or until out of food) they serve BBQ sandwiches and plate dinners with pork, brisket, turkey, sausage, and chicken. Baked beans, cole slaw, green beans, okra, and onion rings can accompany your meal. Plus, don't miss out on the pecan pie and banana pudding.

10. Eno's Pizza Tavern
Brand spanking new to the historic downtown district is Eno's Pizza Tavern. They were already established in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas and now an anchor on Main St. in Forney. Serving up pizza on a "cracker" crust and made with fresh, homemade ingredients, it has quickly become a local favorite. Pizza, soups, salads, and sanwiches complete a limited menu but they strive for quality over quantity. My favorite is the caprese salad. So good and big enough to share. Open Tuesday thru Sundays for lunch and dinner, it is a must go place for those new in town and locals alike.


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