January 27, 2017

Football Themed Untensil Holder Free Printable

Planning a party for the big game on Sunday? We are and I cannot wait! There is going to be lots of food, snacks, and the best thing of all, my family. It's a time we all gather, kids included, around the TV and talk and cheer and root for our favorite teams together, for hours! We just enjoy each other but most importantly the food. 

Get your game table ready with these free printable can wraps that are perfect to hold your untensils or even flowers! They are super simple to create and makes a big statement. There are 4 designs to choose from. Black and white playbook, football field, referee stripes, and a football skin.

To create your own game day football themed centerpiece untensil holder:
1. Download our free printable wraps.
2. Print at home or a local print shop. 110 lbs paper works best.
3. Wrap around an empty can or jar. Regular veggie cans work best.
4. Fill with utenstils or even flowers.


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