January 25, 2017

Our Friendship is Right on Target Pencil Valentines

Valentine's Day is almost here and we've been busy planning our class Valentines for my boys to pass out to their classmates. It gets harder and harder each year trying to find the perfect Valentine for my growing boys. They are out of the cutsey stage but not quite in the "I'm too big for that" stage. The store bought box Valentine cards are just fine and great, but they lack personality and I want something a little different and more personal. So, when my oldest little guy asks for a pencil Valentine, that's not too babyish. and asks me to make it, I of course said YES! and got right to work. 

I thought these target Valentine's hit the spot!!! They are perfect for boys and girls, and work for all ages. But, since these are going to mainly 9 and 10 year olds, I thought these right on target Valentine's were just the right touch.

Want to create your own Right on Target Valentine's???

1. Simply download the free printable target Valentine's HERE.
2. Print on heavy cardstock at home or send to a local print shop.
3. Using scissors or craft knife and make two slits on the sides bit enough to slide a pencil through.
4. Optional: Cut a heart to attach to the end of pencil to create an arrow.

Just fill out who they are to and from and send them off to school! These are the perfect DIY Class Valentines that are so simple to make and can create something fun they can use long after Valentine's day.


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