March 21, 2017

22 Cute Easter Crafts for the Family


We love celebrating Easter in this house, especially with the kids. They look forward to a visit from the Easter bunny almost as much as a visit from Santa.

So, in the weeks before Easter we go all out when it comes to decorating and making Easter crafts, to help us get in the Easter spirit. Here are a few of my favorite Easter crafts that the whole family can enjoy.

1. Easter Wreath :: Sprinkle some Fun
Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. A beautiful Easter wreath full of spring flowers is just the thing to herald the start of the warm weather, and the kids love helping collect and arrange the flowers. We just made a round wreath, but this tutorial shows you how to make a cute bunny-shaped wreath.

2. Pompom Bunnies and Chicks :: Country Living
These cute little creatures perform double duty at our house. Not only do they make cute decorations, but the kids love to play with them, as well.

I’ve made this fabric-strip bunting on a few occasions, simply because it is so easy to do, and it uses up all those old scraps of fabric you have hanging around. For non-sewers, if you don’t have fabric scraps, cut up some old sheets and pillows.

4. Peep Houses :: Yesterfood
We like to put our gingerbread-making skills to good use at Easter time and make little houses for marshmallow peeps. They are super cute, and the kids get a kick out of decorating the houses with all types of Easter candy.

5. Bunny Chair Covers :: Spoonful
This craft helps the kids get into the mood for Easter, and gives them somewhere special to sit during the Easter celebrations. This tutorial makes white Easter bunnies, but you could easily use different colored slip covers or pillowcases to create chicks or other animals.

6. Easter Egg Ornaments :: The Life of Jennifer Dawn
These ornaments look great hanging on windows, or even from a vase full of beautiful spring branches. You could even go for a more glamorous look and use gemstone beads instead of plastic beads.

7. String Easter Eggs Ornament :: Better Homes and Gardens
Another ornament that we made was this string Easter egg ornament. They can be a little fiddly to make, and you have to have the patience of a Saint to wait until they dry, but the end result looks amazing. Once they are dry, you can paint them whatever colors you want, but even plain white looks gorgeous.

8. Hatched Eggs :: Hungry Happenings
Even snack time gets the Easter treatment around here. These hard-boiled egg hatched chicks are great for getting my kids to eat carrots and any other veggie I can carve into a leg shape. Though, just try telling your kids not to play with their food after you make this.

9. Beaded Easter Eggs :: Two Sisters Crafting
Decorating eggs is a serious business in our house, and I love how these beaded eggs glitter – without actual glitter, which I loathe. Instead, I prefer multi-colored gemstone beads. They look so beautiful clustered together in a big bowl on the dining table.

10. Shaving Cream Eggs :: Crafty Morning
My kids, on the other hand, love making these shaving cream eggs. They are incredibly simple to do, with half the mess of dying them the traditional way. Though unfortunately, you can’t eat these eggs after you make them.

11. Washi Tape Eggs :: Lovely Indeed
You can definitely eat these eggs after you make them, though you may not want to because they’re so cute. I always have a good supply of Washi tape handy, and my kids get to go crazy and design amazing patterns for their eggs, which we hide on Easter morning.

12. Kool-Aid Eggs :: Fabulessly Frugal
Another fun way to dye eggs that we tried is using Kool-Aid. You will probably need to use a few packets to get a nice, bright color. But, as an added bonus, the house smelled amazing while we were dying the eggs.

13. Easter Candy Jars :: Crazy Little Projects
The kids are given a lot of candy over the Easter holiday. To stop them from eating it all at once, we made these cute candy jars to keep it in. Though, it’s very hard to resist taking a few pieces from jars this adorable.

14. Egg Shell Planters :: Le Robins Nest
While not strictly an Easter craft, I loved making these tiny egg shell planters for my equally tiny succulents. Having lots of greenery around the house is uplifting and gets me in the Easter spirit.

15. Bunny Masks :: Daily Leisure
The little ones love to play make believe. So, we made these Easter bunny masks so they could pretend to hide things around the house.

16. Bunny Ears :: Better Homes and Gardens
We also made these adorable bunny ears out of felt (which were a lot more durable than the cardboard ones we had last year). I had to do most of the gluing because this craft calls for my trusty hot glue gun, but the kids certainly loved hopping around the house afterward.

17. Easter Countdown Calendar :: Love Sweet Love
The kids were so thrilled with their homemade advent calendars from Christmas, that they asked me to do the same for Easter. This Easter Countdown calendar is great because the plastic eggs are big enough to hide toys, rather than just candy inside.

18. Sock Bunny Hand Puppet :: All Kids Network
Kids love to learn through imaginative play, so these sock bunny puppets are just the thing to get them thinking about Easter.

19. Easter Egg Pinata :: Oh Happy Day
An Easter egg piñata is a spectacular way to finish off an Easter egg hunt. So, we put our papier mache skills to good use and made a beautiful piñata using this tutorial.

20. Potato Stamp Easter Egg Art :: Premediated Leftovers
Kids love painting, but usually the resulting artwork is a bit of a mess. But, with these cute potato stamps, the pictures turned out so well that we framed them to put around the house this Easter.

21. Jelly Bean Bracelets :: A Thrifty Mom
We always include some yummy jelly beans in the kids’ Easter baskets every year. So, this year we’ve decided to make these cute jelly bean bracelets after the Easter egg hunt. If your kids are young, you may need to do most of the needlework yourself, but you can let them choose the pattern of the beans.

22. Easter Basket :: Nap-Time Creations
Finally, no Easter is complete without cute DIY Easter baskets. These woven felt baskets look so much better than the cheap plastic ones you can buy, and they last longer, too. This craft is a little difficult for younger ones to help with, but if you have older kids, they would probably love to help weave the felts patterns themselves.


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