March 17, 2017

Construction Themed Birthday Party

When Jessica of City Girl Gone Rural began planning for her son's upcoming construction themed birthday party she took inspiration from everything around her. She searched through Pinterest and Etsy and took notes on her phone whenever she came across a great idea perfect for the party. 

She gathered all those great ideas and threw the best construction themed birthday party ever.

Real construction hats and vests hung along the wall for all the guests to wear when they arrived. How fun are these! A small chain hung on the wall above the hats and vests complete with photos of the birthday boy that worked perfectly as a banner. Guests were encouraged to take their favorite photos of the birthday boy home with them.

To create the fun backdrop, Jessica dipped remote-control car tires in different colors of paint and rolled them across the white background paper to create tire tracks in all different directions. 
Tires stacked on top of each other was topped with a sheet of diamond plated steel to serve as the cake stand along side of a 3 tiered tool shelf that worked for the food buffet. Bright yellow tire rims worked perfectly for elevating the different types of food. A blue bolt bin housed the cupcakes and toys from around the house served as both decorations as well serving trays and bowls

Orange tablecloths wrapped with yellow caution tape matched the theme perfectly.

The old blue bolt bins added a rustic worn feel and was perfect for holding the chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. Each cupcake was topped with a construction themed road sign topper.

The metal tool shelf served up a fun DIY taco bar. Truck beds were filled with taco toppings like tomatoes and jalapenos and salsas. Limes were placed perfectly in the front of the construction toys and gucamole was ready for the taking.

Chips and dips were piled high on the dump truck! How great is this!! I don't know about you, but I am ready to dig in.

The chocolate construction themed birthday cake was the highlight of the day. It was topped with trucks and rocks made to resemble a construction work site.

A "refueling" station was set up for guests to take a quick break and recharge from all the fun. These prints of machinery were set up throughout the party from Kastner Illustration on Etsy. 

Party games and activites were set up to ensure guests got the full on construction theme feel. An indoor sandbox with construction toys was set up for guests to play and dig. Guests were also encouraged to plan and build whatever their hearts desired with coloring sheests, stickers, play-doh, and temporary tattoos.
What a fun party! Jessica did a fantastic job pulling everything together and thinking outside the box on this party. I love parties that are out of the traditional norm of the party world. That makes for a memorable day. Be sure to check out more of Jessica and her blog at City Girl Gone Rural.
Check out these great ideas for planning your next construction themed birthday party.
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