March 22, 2018

Simple DIY Wizard Spell Book

Are you still waiting on your Hogwarts letter to arrive? No worries, you can still prepare by studying up on your wand moves and magic spells. You don't want to be left behind when classes begin in the fall. 

We celebrated my sons 9th birthday by transforming our home into the wizarding world last month. Each "student" was given a hand-made spell book to accompany their wands on their "trip" through the adventure. They are perfect to keep on hand or on the go or whenever you want a refresher. They were so simple to make and we hope you'll enjoy making them as much as I did. 

Make your own spell book

1. Each book was made with brown Faux Leather Paper cut to size and folded in half to create a cover.
2. Using Gold Metallic Vinyl and my Cricut Maker, I cut out the Hogwarts emblem.
3. I cut and wrapped a Brown Leather Wrap Cord around each book and secired with hot glue.
4. I purchased the spell book printable from Lush Party Stuff on ETSY and printed at a print shop.
5. Staple the spell book into the brown leather book cover.
6. Wrap with the attached leather cord.
7. Enjoy your new spell book

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