March 19, 2018

Update your Fireplace Mantel and Space

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Now that the crazy holidays are finally behind us and our schedules are getting back on track, it's time to get the house in a somewhat organized order. That means it's declutter time! But, not only declutter time, but time to purge out the old and bring in the new. It is a whole new year after all, so what better way then to start fresh. I love it when my home is free of clutter and I like to make sure my decor is simple. It makes it easy to clean especially when in a rush or have last minute visitors.

But, sometimes updating and keeping things organized can be difficult. With a few tips and tricks and style ideas to fit your budget, getting your home organized can be a piece of cake. I started with updating our fireplace area. It's the focal point of the living room and without some proper and imagintaive styling, it can be a mess. I knew this was where I needed to start. Plus, once I got my fireplace just the way I wanted, I used the new Glade® Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Fragrance Mist in the No.2 Bright™ scent to help make my home smell fresh and clean.

Ready to take your boring fireplace mantle and space up a notch? Look no further for a few awesome tips and tricks to get you started on your new year’s organization resolutions and goals.

Add a Basket and a Blanket Ladder:
It's still winter here in my hometown. It's actually the coldest month of the year here and I had no place to put the firewood for the fireplace. Because, sometimes it gets downright freezing out and I need to keep my family warm. But, even if I am not lighting a fire, I need a place to store the wood for easy access. I grabbed this round basket that held a ton of cut wood that fit perfectly in front of the fireplace.

Since it's still super cold, I need to have throw blankets at the ready. At all times. I like to be comfy and so does my family. But, I had nowhere to keep them except on the couch and then they always ended up on the floor. So, I added a blanket ladder and technically it's not a blanket ladder at all. It's a potholder I snatched from my parents house they were no longer using. I stained it and threw some blankets on it and the rest is history. I love what it adds to my space. It fills the space since I do not have any defined sides to my actual fireplace.

Add Vintage Books:

Grab some old vintage books or even some bookends. They don't even need to actually be vintage, just something that has that vintage look and feel. I went back and forth as to what to add to my mantle. I knew I wanted something simple and give some depth to the space. But, also I didn't want it to be something I had to change out often with the seasons. I had some old vintage children's book in my garage, back from the 1950's. I simply turned the binding toward the back and added some bookends and it added that something extra special to my mantle. Plus, I can leave it out all year long.

Add Simple Decor Pieces:
When you are styling your fireplace mantel, you want to keep it simple. It's already a focal piece on its own so all your needing to do is accent it. So, I framed the ends with a glass vase with stems on one end and tall candlesticks with candles on the other. I wanted to add a bit of dimension and color to the mantle so I added in a basket and a couple of signs. That's it. Nothing else. Remember less is more. You're trying to declutter and make things simple.

Add a Throw Pillow:
Who doesn't love a great throw pillow? But, not just any throw pillow, you need a fun and interesting pillow. I was actually given this plaid puppy pillow as a gift and it is fabulous!!! I love it and could not be more perfect in the space. It fits like it was meant for my chair and is great for relaxing and enjoying a good book by the fire. It really adds that finishing touch you didn't know you needed.

Add the Perfect Scent:

Finally, now that you have re-vamped up your space and made it perfect!! Nothing enhances great decor and all that hard work more than a great scent to top off the room. To keep my home and my newly re-organized space smelling great, I rely on the No.2 Bright™ fragrance mist to help keep it smelling great!

I picked up both the No.2 Bright™ and No.1 Enraptured™ fragrance mist products at my local Walmart. The Glade® Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Fragrance Mists are infused with essential oils and masterfully crafted fragrances. I love the raspberry, pear, peach, and jasmine scents infused with sweet pea and rose of the No.2 Bright™ scent. It's the perfect scent for the inbetween season of winter and spring.

Now I know my home will look and smell great with the Glade® Atmosphere Collection™ Fine Fragrance Mist. So no matter what we have going on or who's coming over, my house will smell amazing!


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